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TRAILER: Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon Ultra Adventures Coming to Disney XD

We are only a couple of weeks or so away from the new season of Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon, which marks the 21st season overall in the series. Dubbed “Ultra Adventures,” the series will be debuting on Disney XD on March 24. Not content with merely providing a US release date, The Pokemon Company International has also unveiled a new dubbed preview, which you can watch below: The ...


Gamestop is Giving Away a Marshadow to Pokemon Sun & Moon Owners

Pokemon fans in North America who got their hands on a copy of Sun or Moon will get a chance to own the Pokemon Marshadow, which is a mythical fighting/ghost type. All they need to do is visit the nearest Gamestop, because the stores are offering up codes for digital distribution between now and October 23. Marshadow was orignally revealed on April 7, 2017, and currently holds the dubious honor ...


Brock and Misty to Guest on Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime

A couple of fan favorite Pokemon trainers will be making an appearance in an upcoming episode of the Pokemon Sun & Moon anime. According to Teletubi-kun, Misty and Brock (Kasumi/Takeshi, actually, if you’re going to be watching the Japanese versions) will be appearing in the episodes airing in Japan on September 14th and 21st, as part of a storyline that has Ash and Pikachu returning to ...

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