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Topsy Turvy turns the gaming world on its side

Topsy Turvy turns the gaming world on its side

The premise is straight forward. You walk around, using the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move. You jump with the UP key, and interact with objects using SPACE. But… then the game flips all around on you, and I mean literally! In Topsy Turvy, you control the environment as much as you control your character. The idea takes similar cues from mind-bending games like the Nintendo Wii’s Super Mario Galaxy. You walk into the walls to rotate the stage, collecting coins along the way, while you avoid pitfalls. Using your brain (and a bit of guess work!) you can solve the riddles ahead of you, raise the flag, and advance to the next stage. Presuming you don’t get so dizzy!

Pokemon Black and White is Japan’s best selling title in 2010

Pokemon Black and White is Japan's best selling title in 2010

Nintendo, you have a juggernaut on your hands. I mean, seriously – this Pokemon thing is a monster! A pocket monster! Even though the game didn’t hit shelves in Japan until the middle of September, leaving roughly 100 shopping days before year’s end, Pokemon Black and White absolutely dominated the sales charts in that country. Pokemon Black and Pokemon White sold a combined 4.7 million copies for Nintendo DS in Japan, nearly 2 million games more than the second place title, Monster Hunter Portable. The Pokemon phenomenon, whose animated series currently airs on Cartoon Network, seems to be going on stronger than ever, regardless of age. Now, we just have to wait til the game arrives in the States!!

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