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New Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F Promo Teases New Goku Form

We’re only mere days away from the April 18th Japanese opening of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F, and while Frieza’s new powered up form has already been revealed, people have been wondering if Goku will be able to handle it using his Saiyan god form, or if he’s going to require yet another transformation. A new promo video from Toei answers the question: he’s going to bust out another ...


Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods Will Introduce New Super Saiyan Level

Dragon Ball Z fans who hated the Toriyama-less Dragon Ball GT, as wel as the awkward-looking Super Saiyan 4 it introduced, will be glad to know that the April issue of V-Jump hints that the upcoming Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods movie, which Toriyama himself is involved in, will introduce a new stage of Super Saiyan transformation that comes after Super Saiyan 3 (which means the Super Saiyan 4 ...

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