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Hallmark brings Out of the Blue’s Asteroid Andy to TV

Hallmark brings Out of the Blue's Asteroid Andy to TV

For awhile now, Asteroid Andy has developed quite a following on Hallmark’s website. The Flash animated series takes a future environment, and puts Andy, his family, and his intergalactic friends on all sorts of adventures. Now, Out of the Blue Enterprises, the folks behind Super Why, are looking to bring the web toon to television in Asteroid Andy’s own animated series. No word yet on where the cartoon will air, or how long it will be in development before hitting TVs, but we’ll stay on it for you!

PBS gets their spooky on with Arthur, Martha Speaks, Curious George and WordWorld

PBS gets their spooky on with Arthur, Martha Speaks, Curious George and WordWorld

Starting October 25th, your PBS Kids favorites will be getting into the … “spirit”. Arthur, Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, and Martha Speaks will all debut new episodes, and each of them will be Halloween-themed, perfectly timed for the holiday arriving a week later. Neil Gaiman, legendary creepy comic book writer, and also the driving force behind Coraline, will be penning the Arthur episode. WordGirl, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George, Super Why!, Sid The Science Kid, and WordWorld will also be getting in on the spooky fun, with ghastly styled episodes. A good treat from the PBS folks.

PBS Kids brings Super Why to Apple’s iPad

PBS Kids brings Super Why to Apple's iPad

Apple’s latest tech crazy device, the iPad, has been out for a few months now, selling like hot cakes and driving everyone into an app-happy frenzy! Joining up on the downloadable band wagon, PBS Kids hopes to launch a number of new applications on the platform, giving kids a reason to sign up and play. First up in the new batch is the Super Why! app in iTunes. Developed as part of the PBS Kids Raising Readers initiative, the $3 app is based on the Out of the Blue Enterprises series, with a number of interactive games using art from the CG animated toon.

Out of the Blue’s Super Why! shines with new episodes

Out of the Blue's Super Why! shines with new episodes

Over the past few months, there have been a number of brand new Super Why! episodes brought our way via producers Out of the Blue. The PBS Kids animated series has included several different themes through out each new episode, including cooking, sports, and even the tooth fairy. One episode, titled Super Why! and The Comic Book: Attack of the Eraser was a full comic book-themed adventure, giving fans of both genres a nice treat. Take a look at the toon in action

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