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Sunil Becomes a Superhero on Littlest Pet Shop This February


This coming February 1 at 11:30 AM ET/8:30 am PT, The Hub Network will be premiering a new episode of Littlest Pet Shop titled ‘Super Sunil,’ which features Penny Ling helping Sunil build up some confidence by convincing him that he is a superhero.

In Super Sunil, Sunil suffers an embarrassing panic attack and lack of confidence, and it is up to Penny Ling to help him regain self confidence by convincing the blue mongoose that he’s actually a superhero named El Cobra Cabra. Meanwhile, Blythe helps Youngmee’s aunt find the perfect parking spot for the Sweet Delights Truck, but meets with stiff competition from the Biskits’ high-tech food truck.

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