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New Superman Short from Rob Pratt: Bizarro Classic (also, in 3D!)

New Superman Short from Rob Pratt: Bizarro Classic (also, in 3D!)

Veteran animator Rob Pratt has just posted a follow up to his hit animated short “Superman Classic”, which – as the name implies – is based on the classic 1940s Superman serials. The short was so awesome that we don’t know why no WB exec has seen it yet and asked Pratt to do a full length one, even if for free. Pratt’s latest animated short is entitled “Bizarro Classic”, in which ...

Batman: Knightfall fan animation

Batman: Knightfall fan animation

Not too long ago, we got a special look at a Superman fan animation, Superman Classic. The ToonBarn office was so overjoyed by the fan-production, we started to scout around the ole Youtube for additional fan creations, looking to see what we could stumble upon. Almost immediately, we turned up Batman: Knightfall, another home-grown product about a hero from the DC Universe. This time, ...


Superman Classic is fan animation meets comic book perfection

Superman has had a lot of exposure. Nearly 75 years of comic books, serials, cereals (both!), cartoons, toys, half a dozen films, etc. Every example has a different perspective on the character, from look to personality. Some are hit and some are miss, and those associated, from Smallville’s Tom Welling to Bryan Singer’s recent Superman Returns. But it’s the fans who make ...

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