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Watch 10 Mins of 9 Story’s Sweet Tweets

If there’s one thing that kids like with their cartoons, it’s catchy tunes. And 9 Story Media Group has the perfect series for this called Sweet Tweets. Produced by YetiLABS, Sweet Tweets is a series of animated shorts running anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes, focusing on telling cute little stories using engaging nursery rhymes and a whole host of colorful characters. In a recent announcement, ...


Yeti Farm Creative Expands and Launches Original Production Division

Animation studio Yeti Farm Creative has recently expended into a 7 thousand sqft open space, state of the art, dark fibre geothermal studio situated in the tech district of Kelowna, British Columbia. The area is known in some circles as Silicon Vineyard due to the number of animation, digital, and tech companies sharing the region with world class wineries. Yeti Farm Creative’s new home brings ...

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