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Tangled and Bolt’s Byron Howard to Direct New Disney Animated Film

Tangled and Bolt’s Byron Howard to Direct New Disney Animated Film

Arrested Development star Jason Bateman is currently in talks to work on a new Disney toon, which will be directed by Tangled and Bolt’s Byron Howard. Before the two Disney pics, Byron Howard has also worked on a number of the studio’s films, including Mulan, Pocahontas, Lilo & Stitch, and Brother Bear.

Tangled Ever After 2nd Trailer

‘Tangled Ever After’ to Premiere in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ 3D screenings

The 2nd Trailer for the Tangled Ever After short is out now on Disney’s official movie trailer youtube channel. The trailer shows a key scene as Rapunzel marches towards the altar in her wedding gown, while Flynn waits with bated breath. Unfortunately, Pascal and Maximus (the flower chameleon and ring bearer, respectively) accidentally lose the gold bands in the least dignified way possible:

Tangled Ever After to Premiere in Beauty and the Beast 3D screenings

‘Tangled Ever After’ to Premiere in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ 3D screenings

People who will watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D on January 13, 2012 will be treated to a screening of a new Tangled short, according to an announcement made by Walt Disney Studios. The new short, entitled Tangled Ever After, will serve as a epilogue for Tangled, and will show the royal wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (a.k.a. Eugene).

Discuss Disney’s Tangled with Byron Howard and Nathan Greno

Discuss Disney's Tangled with Byron Howard and Nathan Greno

We’re lucky. We’re smack dab in the middle of a golden era of animation. There are dozens of cartoon channels, all types of animated films, and even a variety of animation formats, from CG to stop motion to traditional cel animation. As fans, this is a glorious time for all of us. So just imagine how amazing it must be to be part of the animation process! That’s just what lucky and talented folks like Byron Howard and Nathan Greno get to brag about, as two pair of directors finish off projects like Disney’s recent film, Tangled, now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Read this this Q&A segment with the Disney team, and get a glimpse of this golden era from their eyes.

Pixar and Disney launch The Incredibles on Blu-ray and DVD

Pixar and Disney launch The Incredibles on Blu-ray and DVD

Today, April 12th, is a good day. For all of you Disney fans out there, for all of you Pixar fans out there, for the Super Hero fans out there… The Incredibles are coming home to Blu-ray and DVD. There have been a number of comic book style films over the years, and The Incredibles are difficult to overlook for being amongst the Dark Knights and X-Mens of our day. The same can be said when ranking the top animated films; maybe the Lion King is champ, maybe Tangled or Shrek have set new bars, but The Incredibles is easily fighting for the spot. And after years of waiting patiently for the blockbuster, where all the movie has done is grown in popularity through video rentals, we’re finally, FINALLY, getting the flick today in a Blu-ray HD edition. And things will be …Incredible.

Review: Disney’s Tangled on Blu-ray and DVD

Review: Disney's Tangled on Blu-ray and DVD

Tangled has the weight of Cinderella’s castle on it’s shoulders, as the film has the honor, and pressure, of being the 50th animated feature in Disney’s classic line. From Snow White to Bambi, Lion King to Princess and the Frog, the entire long line leads squarely to this modern day look at the Rapunzel fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. After 5 years of development, a Pixar-less shot at CG animation for Disney, a bulk of over 70 feet of magical hair, and billed as Disney’s “final” fairytale, the film had a major amount of responsibility to uphold the classic name, both in theaters, and the four-disc Blu-ray and DVD combo pack on March 29, 2011. So? How’d it do?

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