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Rapunzel stars in Disney’s Tangled, in theaters today

Rapunzel stars in Disney's Tangled, in theaters today

The wait is over. Today, November 24th, the House of Mouse introduces Rapunzel to the world as the latest Disney Princess in the new film Tangled. The gorgeously rendered CG and 3D toon is opening up on roughly 4,000 screens across the U.S., ready to entice audiences with the modern take on the Brothers Grimm fairytale. Along with Flynn, Pascal and Maximus, Rapunzel’s goal is to escape Mother Gothel and the soaring tower, return to the kingdom where she once lived as a baby, and reach the festival to relish in her freedom — and miles of hair. Take a look at the trailer after the break, then get out there and buy your tickets for the big screen!!

Disney’s Tangled creates a stylized world for Rapunzel

Disney's Tangled creates a stylized world for Rapunzel

On November 24th, Disney will welcome a new Disney Princess to their collection: the first since the Princess and the Frog’s Tiana. This time, the House of Mouse is going back to the Brothers Grimm for another tale, Rapunzel, remaking the classic as Tangled. So much effort is being put into the visuals and animated style of the film, which will be the 50th animated classic from Disney. Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s painting “The Swing” is being used as an inspirational point for the film, along with Disneyland’s Fantasy Land. The goal is to make the 3D and CG film play out more like a traditional, hand-drawn Disney Classic, offering “The Best of Both Worlds,” so said director Glen Keane. The trailers surely make it look like they were successful, but we’ll let you guys be the judge when you see the film!

Disney’s Tangled brings Rapunzel to theaters November 24th

Disney's Tangled brings Rapunzel to theaters November 24th

Once upon a time, a king and queen were expecting a child when, unfortunately, the queen grew very ill. Willing to do anything to save the baby, a servant went to steal a magical healing plant from Gothel, an evil witch. So far so good, as the plant restored the queen and saved the baby Rapunzel. However, Gothel wasn’t too happy with her stuff being taken, so she kidnapped the child, whom the plant blessed with healing, youth-restoring powers, and locked her in a tower. Year after year goes by, and the kingdom mourns for their loss, while Rapunzel remains trapped in a tower just out of sight. That is, until one day, when Flynn Rider breaks into the tower, meets up with Rapunzel, and agrees to help her escape. Classic Brothers Grimm stuff here with Rapunzel, reborn as Tangled with a twist of Disney magic added in. Be sure to check out the CG and 3D toon in theaters November 24th, as the House of Mouse expands the Disney Princess collection ever larger.

Mother Gothel goes evil in Disney’s Tangled

Mother Gothel goes evil in Disney's Tangled

Every great story needs a great villain. Star Wars has Darth Vader, Thundercats has Mumm-Ra, Scooby-Doo has … well, hundreds of different monsters and creepy old guys in masks. In Disney’s latest film, Tangled, the House of Mouse has pitted Rapunzel and Flynn Rider against a malevolent, yet funny, villainous named Mother Gothel. Not only does she have her own magical garden, but she’s also the proud owner of a secret jail tower that measures, oh, about a mile high. Oh, and did we mention she kidnaps baby princesses to be mean to, like, forever!? If that doesn’t sound evil enough to you, and you can’t wait until the film hits theaters on November 24th, just check out this clip and pictures!

Disney brings Winnie the Pooh back to theaters

Disney brings Winnie the Pooh back to theaters

It’s been nearly 85 years since us fans first got their eyes on the world of Winnie the Pooh. Since that time, and their creation by A. A. Milne, the character and his many friends have filled the Disney Universe with wonder, inspiring dozens of TV specials, a gathering of cinematic adventures, Disney World rides, video games, and more. Now, Disney is bringing the honey-hungry bear back to the big screen with next year’s Winnie the Pooh, rejoining Eeyore, Rabbit, Kanga and Roo, Christopher Robin, Owl, Tigger, Piglet, and the rest. Unlike most animated films of the day, Winnie the Pooh will use traditional cel animation, serving as the 51st full-length animated movie, immediately following Rapunzel in Tangled, the 50th. Release dates are set for July 15th, 2011 in the U.S., and April 15th, 2011 across Europe. Check out the first teaser trailer and let us know if you’re ready to go back to the Hundred Acre Wood!

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider star in Disney’s Tangled

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider star in Disney's Tangled

With 70ft of hair, we can only imagine how much shampoo you’d go through on a daily basis. Then there’s conditioner, gel, hair spray… and geez, just imagine the time you would have to invest in brushing it! These are just some of the challenges Rapunzel must face in her newest adventure, Tangled. The CG and 3D toon film from Disney retells the story originally created by the Brothers Grimm, twisting a number of details just as the title would indicated. The main tale stars Rapunzel, of course, and her would-be dashing hero, Flynn Rider. Though, he’s not exactly the best example of a hero, nor is she the best example of a damsel in distress. Still, they make for a lovable couple, and intriguing characters. How do we know? We just checked out these two video profiles! You should do the same now, and let us know whatcha think

Reviving Rapunzel, Disney straightens Tangled for theaters

Reviving Rapunzel, Disney straightens Tangled for theaters

A few weeks from now, on November 24th, it’ll be all about hair – long beautiful ha-air! – as Walt Disney Animation Studios brings Tangled to the big screen. The story is a re-telling of the classic tale Rapunzel, where a damsel with oodles of hair is trapped in a high tower until it grows long enough that she can escape with it. Well, that’s the original story, at least, and this wouldn’t be the first time Disney has reworked a tale by the Brothers Grimm. However, this is one of the first times that Disney will be releasing a CG film without the aid of Pixar – the film largely created during the split of the two companies. Still, much of the Magic Kingdom’s magic remains intact, with fans expecting big things from the 50th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. Check out the trailer

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