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Cartoon Network Asia adds Time Bokan 24

WarnerMedia’s Cartoon Network channels in Asia are adding a new anime title to their lineup. The broadcaster has picked up Time Bokan 24 for linear across its Bahasa Malay, Cantonese, English, Mandarin and Thai feeds. After first debuting on Warner’s channel in Taiwan in the fall of 2018, the series is now expanding into multiple new regions. The Philippines-specific Cartoon ...


Sony Picks Up Rights to Live Action Robotech

These days, any Hollywood live action adaptation of Japanese animated properties, will automatically earn the scrutiny of viewers, as the string of failures (both in terms of shoddy products and projects that were consigned to development limbo) have already left a bad taste in people’s mouths. However, it seems like Sony hasn’t been paying attention (or they’re extremely confident), as ...


Sentai Filmworks Signs Licensing Deal with Tatsunoko Production

Sentai Filmworks has recently announced that they have signed a new licensing deal with iconic animation studio Tatsunoko Production. Tatsunoko is most famous all over the world for the Gatchaman series (G-Force, Battle of the Planets in other territories), which has also garnered a lot of hype lately due to the upcoming live-action adaptation. ...

Tatsunoko Reclaims Gatchaman Rights

Tatsunoko Reclaims Gatchaman Rights

Last 2006, animation studio IMAGI, which developed the 2009 CG Astroboy and the 2007 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, announced plans to release a 2008 CG film based on Tatsunoko’s iconic Gatchaman franchise with the help of Warner Bros. The project entered development limbo as IMAGI focused on TMNT and Astro Boy. When the latter bombed, IMAGI was deemed as not having the necessary financial ...

Hudson and Nevlana to produce Beyblade: Metal Fusion video game

Hudson and Nevlana to produce Beyblade: Metal Fusion video game

There’s a good deal of cross over between anime fans and video game fans, and Tatsunoko and Nelvana are hoping to benefit both audience sets. Along with Hudson Soft’s Hudson Entertainment, the companies are developing video games based on d-rights’ Beyblade: Metal Fusion animated series. For now, the targeted consoles are the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, though there are ...

Beyblade: Metal Fusion to Nickelodeon UK

Beyblade: Metal Fusion to Nickelodeon UK

Just a few days ago, Nickelodeon UK formally acquired the TV rights to over 50 episodes of Beyblade: Metal Fusion from Nelvana Enterprises. In an effort to ramp up the action block of their NickToons network, the company will launch the new Beyblade series this September, filling in nicely with the other toons. The anime series, co-produced by Nelvana and d-rights and created by Tatsunoko, was ...

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