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Peace does not last

Voltron Force: Inside the Music Review

It feels so good to kick off the dust that accumulated for several weeks, while the memory of the first 13 episodes of Voltron Force were fresh in our minds, and anticipation built for another round of 13 new episodes. Hopefully, you were able to catch the stories surrounding New York ComicCon, where the Producers of Voltron were on hand to talk to the fans about the new episodes yet to come. ...


All new Voltron Force returns to Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons November 3rd

Coming Soon: All New Voltron Force Episodes on Nicktoons, starting November 3rd at 8:30 PM. The last time we saw Voltron Force, Sky Marshall Wade had been arrested, and the Galaxy Alliance was back in control. Voltron was still broken from the Corite that had damaged his Nexus, and Green Center was the remaining configuration that had not been attempted by the Voltron Force. That is … ...

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