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Technicolor Acquires France’s Ouido Productions

Technicolor has recently announced their acquisition of the French indie animation outfit OuiDo Productions. The new acquisition will help boost Technicolor’s already impressive technology and production strengths, particularly with regard to licensing and development expertise and help cement the company’s reputation as one of the leading animation production partners in the world.

Technicolor Acquires Rights to Cosmo, Bud & Boo

Technicolor has recently acquired the rights to develop and produce 52 x 11 minute episodes of the 2D digital animated series, Como, Bud & Boo from Fun Crew Ltd. Technicolor will be screening the result of their work at kidscreen Summit 2014, which will take place in New York on February 9 to 12.

Cosmo, Bud & Boo is targeted towards kids aged 4 to 7, and focuses on the fun surprises that friendship brings, with three bears serving as the main characters. The main twist is that one of the bears is actually a boy wearing a bear costume.

The series is being actively co-developed with industry veteran and creative consultant, Debbie MacDonald, who previously served as an executive at Nickelodeon U.K., where she was responsible for award winning and nominated commissions and acquisitions, including Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Humf, Poppy Cat, Fifi & the Flowertots, Olive the Ostrich, Tickety Tock and Roary the Racing Car.

Mercury Filmworks and Technicolor Team Up for Atomic Puppet

atomic puppet

Technicolor and Mercury Filmworks have recently signed a partnership with Gaumont Animation in order to develop and produce a new animated comedy series titled ‘Atomic Puppet.’ The series will be making its mark all over the world via Disney XD in various parts of the world and in Canada via Teletoon Canada.

Atomic Puppet puts a hilarious new twist on the Superhero-and-his-sidekick theme, as it follows Model City’s premiere superhero Captain Atomic, who has been transformed into a sentient yet powerless puppet by his former sidekick Nuclear Boy. As Nuclear Boy turns into Model City’s most fearsome villain, Captain Atomic’s only hope of stopping the former protege and saving his city is by teaming up with his biggest fan Joey Felt, who is the only one who can reactivate the good Captain’s superpowers (by using him as a puppet.)

Women in Animation Relaunches Under New Leadership

Women in Animation Relaunches Under New Leadership

The professional non-profit organization for women in the animation industry, Women in Animation (WIA), will be celebrating its 20th year in 2014 and has just been relaunched under new executive leadership: Director of Production for Mattel’s newly formed Playground Productions, Margaret Dean, and Technicolor’s Vice President of Business Development, Animation & Games, Kristy Scanlan were elected as Co-Presidents of the organization.

As co-presidents, both Dean and Scanlan will be in charge of leading the restructured organization, communicating the organization’s current role and future vision to its members worldwide. Encompassing women from all aspects of the animation industry, WIA envisions a world in which women share fully in the creation, production and rewards of animation, resulting in richer and more diverse entertainment and media that move our culture forward. Retiring Co-Presidents Rita Street and Jan Nagel will continue to support WIA as members of the Advisory Committee.

Technicolor, ABC, and A Stark Production Join Forces for The Deep


Technicolor, Australia’s ABC Television, and A Stark Production have recently entered into a partnership that will see the development of a CG-animated serial adaptation of the award-winning graphic novel series The Deep.

Created by multi-award winning author and playwright Tom Taylor (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Star Wars: Blood Ties) and illustrator James Brouwer (Justice League Beyond), The Deep follows the adventures of a family of underwater explorers who try to unravel the mysteries of the deep sea. Technicolor, ABC Television and A Stark Production will develop stories for CGI animated episodes of The Deep, targeting kids 8 to 12 and their families, with a view to securing finance to produce 26 half hour episodes. Technicolor will present The Deep to other potential partners in the Buyers’ Club at this year’s MIPJunior/MIPCOM (5-10 October).

Technicolor to Unveil New Chamelia Series


Technicolor and Mercury Filmworks have recently partnered in order to develop a new 2D animated preschool series titled Chamelia, which will be unveiled at the upcoming Cartoon Forum on September 17 to 20 and the MIPCOM Jr on October 5 to 10.

Chamelia is based on the children’s book series from acclaimed author Ethan Long (winner of the 2013 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award) and stars the titular chameleon who is remarkably unchameleon-like in her desire to stand out rather than blend in.

Chamelia is set in the town of Camouflage and celebrates the joys of being unique, encouraging children to celebrate their individuality as they experience familiar childhood situations at school, at the playground, at the park, and even at home.

Owen Hurley Named as Animation & Games Creative Director of Technicolor


Technicolor has recently announced the appointment of Owen Hurley as the new Creative Director of their Animation and Games group. Hurley will be based at Technicolor Digital Productions’ animated studio at Bangalore, India, where he will be overseeing creative development.

Hurley is tasked with driving the artistic and creative expertise of the Company’s studio in India, and will be in charge of executing on its clients’ visions. He will also support the group’s original content development business and report to the management team in Los Angeles. Hurley will have oversight of the creative workflow among the various departments and the implementation of innovative solutions for the studio’s productions.

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