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New Teen Titans Go! Clip: Colors of Raven


Warner Bros. Animation has just released a new preview clip for the next episode of the breakthrough animated comedy series Teen Titans Go!, titled ‘Colors of Raven.’ The episode is scheduled to air this coming Wednesday, September 18, at 7:30 PM on Cartoon Network.

The Colors of Raven episode focuses on Raven, or rather, five of her – as a mysterious prism creates five of the young heroine, with each copy representing a different color and a different aspect of her personality. One Raven is usually not a problem as she’s laid back and prefers the rowdier members of the group like Beast Boy and Cyborg to do all the trouble-mongering, but five Ravens seems to be too much and has disrupted life in the Tower, resulting in the team banding together in order to put them back together again via the prism. But first they have to catch all of her first.

You can check out the clip below:

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