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First video of Heroes United: Ben 10 meets Generator Rex

First video of Heroes United: Ben 10 meets Generator Rex

We’re past teasers. We’re past trailers. With just a little more than one week before the official unveiling of the Cartoon Network one hour special, Heroes United, we’re now up to showing full clips! With Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex meeting for the very first time, the Man of Action made super heroes are bringing their A-Game to the crossover, teaming up and ...

Ben 10 goes Ultimate Humungousaur in Heroes United

Ben 10 goes Humungousaur in Heroes United

For weeks now, we’ve been anxiously looking forward to the first ever meeting of Cartoon Network superstars Ben Tennyson and Rex Salazar, aka Ben 10 and Generator Rex. As heroes in each of their respective shows, we could only imagine that they’d both meet up, shake hands, then chance on after some of their teamed villains – but that’s not exactly what the Man of Action ...

Where art thou, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

Where art thou, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien?

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien has been phenomenal. So far, over here in the UK, we’ve seen the complete first series with brand new aliens such as Waterhazard, Terraspin, Nrg, Armadrillo, Raad and many more, plus we’ve seen new ultimate forms of Ben’s alien force aliens and some of his originals too, like Ultimate Wildmutt. But the question on every Ben 10 fan’s mind is ...

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