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Beware The Batman CG Cartoon heads to Cartoon Network's DC Nation 2013

Beware The Batman CG Cartoon heads to Cartoon Network’s DC Nation 2013

We just found out what Batman was doing back in Year One, now Cartoon Network has offered a glimpse at what the Dark Knight will be doing in year 2013! We’ve gone from The Animated Series to Justice League Unlimited to The Batman to the Brave and the Bold, with many stops in between on TV and DVD, so it’s fair to say Batman has had a lot of variety. From what we can see from just ...

Warner Premiere brings The Dark Knight Returns to DVD

Warner Premiere brings The Dark Knight Returns to DVD

Heralded as the best graphic novel of all time, it appears as the The Dark Knight Returns is finally getting the Warner Premiere treatment. Rumors are running rampant across the intrawebs that Warner Bros. Animation will officially be converting the iconic DC Comics comic book to animation, adding to their long line of comic-to-DVD projects; All Star Superman, Superman: Doomsday, ...

Batman Beyond The Complete Series now on DVD

Batman Beyond The Complete Series now on DVD

A few months back, we got word Warner Bros. was bringing Batman Beyond The Complete Series to DVD box set, and we felt much excitement. That excitement was greatly magnified when WB sent us a free copy to review! Between Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and Batman Beyond, we got to experience stories the live-action films, comic books, and other toons have never been able to ...

Comic-Con 2010 announces the end of Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Comic-Con 2010 announces the end of Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Batman has seen a number of animated versions of himself, even over just the past few years. Batman: The Animated Series, The Batman, Justice League, even a spot in the upcoming Young Justice. One of the more iconic and memorable representations has been Cartoon Network’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Sadly, the fan favorite series recently got a chunk of bad news, as producers for ...

Young Justice on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network’s Young Justice

They’re not quite in the Justice League. They’re not quite in Teen Titans. They’re not a band of brothers like the X-Men, or singular loners like Spider-Man. They’re a collection of super heroes who sometimes feel that the whole world, not just the super villains, are against them. Tough being a teenager – though I imagine it’s easier if you could fly. ...


Curious George hits season four

Curious about a fourth season? Well don’t be! PBS Kids is all set to launch the fourth season of Curious George this fall on September 8th, and will introduce Allie Whoops, a new character, in an episode on October 12th. PBS reports that the theme for the new episodes will be about health and fitness – I guess George put on a little weight over the summer! The animated series is ...


Teen Titans to Boomeraction!

Teen Titans fans, get ready to jump over to Boomerang!  The D.C. Comics series is joinging the Boomeraction programming block starting tonight, Monday, February 2nd at 10:30pm. Boomeraction already includes other super hero action, from Justice League Unlimited (at 11pm) and The Batman (at 11:30pm) but there’s always room for more!  Go Teen Titans! ...


Toon Your Vote! Batman or Spider-Man?

Maybe the world would be safer with a super hero as President of the United States of America?  I mean, sure, that means there’d be super powered villains all over the place, but at least “the Prez” would get a cool costume!!  Still, in this case, there are two specific heroes looking for your vote: Batman and Spider-Man.  Which hero would you vote for?  Toon your vote!!! ...


Scariest Cartoon Characters #1: The Joker

« Back Re-scare at #20»   ToonBarn’s selection as the scariest cartoon character of all time is none other than the Joker. Creepy. Dark. Evil. Scary like you wouldn’t believe. Funny. …funny? Well, yes, actually. Very. That’s the problem with the Joker, you can’t help but like him. At least, until he kills you. Then, the jokes on you, and this one ...

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