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The Good Dinosaur: Blu Ray Review

Disney/Pixar and Buena Vista have just released the CG-animated prehistoric film The Good Dinosaur on Blu-Ray, which can comes in a slipcover package and may include a 50 GB Blu-ray disc, a DVD disc, as well as codes for the digital HD formats. The movie itself is fairly new, having come out only last 25 November 2015, under Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios production. The story ...


Good Dinosaur’s Blu-Ray Release Dated

Disney-Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur will be on Blue-Ray come February 23. It will come with a prehistoric rush of special features. The animated film will be on Digital HD, Blue-Ray Combo Pack and Disney Movies Anywhere. The Good Dinosaur asks – what if the asteroid missed Earth completely and dinosaurs still roam the planet? In the classic journey into the world of dinosaurs, Arlo, an ...


Good Dinosaur — Good Movie: “The Good Dinosaur” Review

After an amazing Thanksgiving dinner prepared by unofficial “chef of the century”, my mom, I took two old friends from out of town to the movies. We saw Pixar’s latest, The Good Dinosaur. This marks the first time that the studio has released two films in the same year. I’m happy to report that both films live up to the standards we’ve come to expect from the cutting-edge company. And ...


New Clips for Good Dinosaur Released by Disney

Walt Disney Studios has just released a bunch of new clips for the CG animated film The Good Dinosaur, no doubt as a way of reminding people that its November 25 theatrical release is coming up. Not that we’d need any reminder, but it’s still nice to get a sneak peek at some of the film’s key scenes. You can check out the clips below: The official synopsis: “The Good ...


Pixar Releases New Clip for Sanjay’s Super Team

Pixar has just released the first clip from the upcoming CG animated short Sanjay’s Super Team, which has been slated to serve as the frontliner for the full length feature The Good Dinosaur. You can check out the clip below: Sanjay’s Super Team is loosely based on director Sanjay Patel’s memories of his childhood, mainly his memories of growing up in California and watching cartoons while ...


New Trailer for The Good Dinosaur

Disney has just unleashed the second official trailer for Pixar’s forthcoming CG animated feature, The Good Dinosaur. The new trailer is significantly longer than the previous one and contains more exposition, which should be enough to give people an idea of what’s in store. You can check out the trailer below: The Good Dinosaur focuses on a fictional prehistory, in which the asteroid that ...


Disney Releases New Trailer for The Good Dinosaur

Disney has just released a new trailer for the upcoming Disney-Pixar feature, The Good Dinosaur. The film is said to be a look on a prehistory where the dinosaurs never went extinct, and the trailer aims to showcase some of the majestic scenes while also providing a key glimpse into die-hard friendship and Paleolithic peril. The official synopsis: “The Good Dinosaur” asks the ...


Pixar Releases New Images From Sanjay’s Super Team

Pixar has recently unveiled a batch of images from their upcoming short film Sanjay’s Super Team, which is directed by Sanjay Patel and produced by Nicole Paradis Grindle. The short is said to be based on Patel’s own experiences. There is no dialogue, but Life Pi composer Mychael Danna is on board to titillate people’s ears. Sanjay’s Super Team focuses on Patel’s journey from being a ...


New Teaser Released for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

We’re still a long way off from the November 25 release of Pixar’s upcoming Thanksgiving offering, The Good Dinosaur. But it’s the right time to tease all of us into getting excited for the prehistoric buddy comedy, so Disney has unveiled a new teaser trailer. You can watch the video after the cut: ...


Neil Patrick Harris and John Lithgow Added to Good Dinosaur Cast

Disney’s presentation at the D23 export is chock-full of Pixar goodness, which is appropriate given that John Lasseter is doing a good job hosting the event. In one of the Pixar-related announcements, the voice cast for the upcoming Pixar animated feature The Good Dinosaur has been revealed, including two notable names: Neil Patrick Harris and John Lithgow. ...

Pixar’s CCO Reveals More Details About The Good Dinosaur

Pixar’s CCO Reveals More Details About The Good Dinosaur

With fans still beset by anticipation for Disney/Pixar’s upcoming CG feature Brave, the good folks over at Bleeding Cool managed to get an interview with Disney/Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter regarding Pixar’s upcoming Dinosaur-oriented project, entitled The Good Dinosaur: “What if the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs missed Earth and dinosaurs kept living? It’s ...

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