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New Trailer for Tiger & Bunny: The Rising Anime Movie

A new trailer has been released for the second Tiger & Bunny anime movie titled The Rising, this time featuring a slightly different tone from what fans would expect from the corporate-sponsored superhero series. Instead of highlighting popularity points, human drama, and superhuman fight scenes, we just get an English voice over providing eerie and ambiguous portents: ...

New Teaser for Tiger & Bunny: Anime Film

New Teaser for Tiger & Bunny: Anime Film

If you’re a fan of unapologetically commercialized superheroics, then you should be excited for next fall as everybody’s favorite corporate-sponsored heroes return in Tiger & Bunny: The Rising anime film. The official website for the movie has also posted a short teaser clip, hinting at what could be termed as “the final day of Sternbild City.” The clip opens with a ...

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