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Young Justice on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network’s Young Justice

They’re not quite in the Justice League. They’re not quite in Teen Titans. They’re not a band of brothers like the X-Men, or singular loners like Spider-Man. They’re a collection of super heroes who sometimes feel that the whole world, not just the super villains, are against them. Tough being a teenager – though I imagine it’s easier if you could fly. ...


I just wanted to say I Hulk you

Marvel Entertainment has recently signed a deal with Hallmark Cards to feature a number of superheroes from the Marvel lineup within greeting cards – both traditional and animated ones with lights and sounds — imagine getting a card with the Hulk that roars when you open it! The art on the cards will be based on the comic book designs of the characters, designs from the live-action ...


The Spectacular Spider-Man: Identity Crisis

Peter Parker is Spider-Man?!?! Well, OK, it’s not so shocking to us, because we’ve known that already for years! But in Peter’s world, he doesn’t want anyone finding out — unfortunately for him, Venom doesn’t care, leaving all of Peter’s loved ones vulnerable to all of Spidey’s enemies. Even with Kelly Hu back as the voice of Sha Shan Nguyen, ...


The Spectacular Spider-Man: Growing Pains

Oh great — Venom is back in town. Worse yet, he’s framing Spider-Man for all of the crimes he’s committing! Meanwhile, John Jameson, (J.J.’s son) is hit with alien spores that increase his size and strength. With the added abilities, John becomes Colonel Jupiter, a superhero intent on taking down Spider-Man. Also be on the lookout for Sha Shan Nguyen, who is voiced by ...


The Spectacular Spider-Man: First Steps

School is back in session — no, not for us! There’s still more summer for you and I, we’re talking about Spidey in the next episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man. Flash Thompson’s birthday bash is coming up, and Peter Parker has been invited. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is busy “partying” with Sandman, and Venom might appear to make things worse. What a ...


The Spectacular Spider-Man: Shear Strength

Maybe we just had July 4th, but Spidey’s world is so crazy, he’s working on New Year’s Eve! And believe me, things aren’t good. After Gwen is kidnapped by the Master Planner and his henchmen, who are also are planning to take over the world, Spider-Man must take the fight to them! But invading the Planners secret lair is no easy task! You’ll have to watch ...


The Spectacular Spider-Man: Reinforcement

This Monday, Christmas hits July! …er… June! On June 29th, at 7:30pm, tune into Disney XD to see how Christmas approaches on The Spectacular Spider-Man — not in any way you or I would like it! The episode, titled Reinforcement, has The Sinister Six forming with Sandman, Rhino, Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, and Kraven, and all they want for Christmas is Spidey to die! As if ...


The Spectacular Spider-Man season 2

Season 2 of The Spectacular Spider-Man starts tonight on Disney XD! Be sure to TOON in at 7pm tonight (June 22nd) for a special back-to-back premiere of the Spidey series, which is even cooler now that we have our behind-the-scenes look! In the first episode, “Blueprints,” Peter wants to talk to Gwen about their first kiss, but first, Spider-Man has a run-in with Mysterio. In the ...


Exclusive Interview with Spider-Man’s Josh Keaton

Just imagine how cool it would be to actually be Spider-Man! Josh Keaton gets to do that regularly, as the voice of Spidey and Peter Parker on Disney XD’s The Spectacular Spider-Man. Every Monday night at 7:30pm, it’s Josh’s voice that swings with Spider-Man swing through the city. How great is that!? 🙂 ToonBarn asked Josh that same question, so if you want to know too, ...


Come back tomorrow for an interview with Spidey’s Josh Keaton

I know I like watching the toons. I know you like watching the toons. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cartoon!? Josh Keaton gets to live out this dream on a regular basis, as he provides the voice for Spidey and Peter Parker in The Spectacular Spider-man. Be sure to TOON in right here tomorrow, where ToonBarn gets an exclusive interview with Josh Keaton to talk about ...


McSpectacular McSpider-McMan

Fans of McDonalds (and who isn’t?!) can now get their very own Spectacular Spider-Man branded Happy Meal.  The promotion, from Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment, will run through the end of March.  Each meal features one of eight action figures based on the series.  If you’ve already gotten one, tell us which one you got!! ...

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