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The Spectacular Spider-Man joins the Disney XD

Hey Spidey fans!  No, not more musical information … the cartoon!  Be sure to tune into Disney XD on March 23rd at 7:30pm for a back-to-back-to-back  Spectacular Spider-Man marathon, introducing the web head to the network!  The second season of the animated series will start up this summer 2009, but you can catch all the season one episodes on Mondays at 7:30pm, starting March 30th. ...


The Spectacular Spider-Man swings to Disney XD

The all-new Disney XD is already going to make some improvements!  Later this year, the channel will be adding the live action show Zeke & Luther, from Turtle Rock Productions, Inc., and Disney Television Animation’s Kid Knievel.  Following that, in later spring of 2009, the network gets a visit from your friendly neighborhood Spidey with The Spectacular Spider-Man, from Culver ...


President of Cartoons

Well, the election in real life is finally over — much congrats to President Elect Barack Obama, and much respect to “just” Senator John McCain.  Whether or not they could be a better President than, say, Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny, SpongeBob or Sonic, Naruto or Ben 10, Batman or Spider-Man, or any of the Winx Girls… we may never know.  …but can we dream?  Yes we ...


Toon Your Vote! Batman or Spider-Man?

Maybe the world would be safer with a super hero as President of the United States of America?  I mean, sure, that means there’d be super powered villains all over the place, but at least “the Prez” would get a cool costume!!  Still, in this case, there are two specific heroes looking for your vote: Batman and Spider-Man.  Which hero would you vote for?  Toon your vote!!! ...


ToonBarn Trivia: Duck Tales treasure?

Today’s trivia question: In the Disney animated series Duck Tales, what is Scrooge McDuck’s prized, lucky treasure? (here’s a hint, it ain’t his “penny” loafers!) Email us with your answer and your first name or nickname. We’ll post the names of the first 5 people to send in the right answer in the next ToonBarn Trivia! And be sure to check after the break to ...


ToonBarn Trivia: Who is this scary Spidey??

Today’s trivia question: Peter Parker is Spider-Man.  …no, that’s not giving away the trivia answer!  At one point, Peter finds some black alien goo that turns his suit black.  Eventually, Peter gets rid of the black costume… but the black costume doesn’t get rid of him!  The next time we see the black costume on someone, it’s trying to fight Peter!  What is ...


The CW4Kids Brand Spankin’ New Spectacular Saturday Sneak Peek Party!

This coming Friday, September 12th, you can catch a special preview of the brand new CW4Kids Saturday morning block.  That’s right; Saturday morning cartoons on a Friday!  The preview will run at 4:30pm on your local CW network (For example, that’s channel 11 in most NYC areas).  The preview, called The CW4Kids Brand Spankin’ New Spectacular Saturday Sneak Peek Party!, shows ...


CW4Kids Saturdays update later in September

Sure, Saturday September 13th is the launch of the CW4Kids lineup, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the same schedule forever!  In fact, only a few weeks later in September, on Saturday the 27th, we’ll see our first alteration to the cartoon block as new shows are introduced.  So, as of September 27, 2008, the CW4Kids Saturday morning block will look like this: 07:00 AM    ...


CW4Kids Saturdays

It’s here!  It’s time!  The premiere season of The CW4Kids Saturday morning block of cartoons starts up next Saturday, September 13th… but the lineup of shows is available now!  Starting at 7 AM and running through 12 PM, the line up of cartoons on The CW looks like this: 07:00 AM    Will & Dewitt 07:30 AM    Magi Nation 08:00 AM    Skunk Fu! 08:30 AM    Viva ...

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