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Sonic Forces Theme Features Hoobastank Frontman

Despite a lot of negative flak and being outshined by Sonic Mania among hardcore Sonic fans, the upcoming Sonic Forces is still good to go and is already in the process of finalizing its extras. And since the tunes in any Sonic game is very important, a sample of the main theme titled “Fist Bump” has been released. The song was composed by Tomoya Ohtani, but if the voice sounds very familiar ...


WATCH: Official Theme Song Video for Welcome to the Wayne

Nickelodeon has recently unveiled the official theme song video for their creepy new animated comedy series, Welcome to the Wayne, featuring an extended version of the show’s theme song. The video is very timely, as it’s bound to get people excited in time for the series debut on Monday, July 24 right after the new episode of The Loud House at 5/4c on Nick. You can check out the video ...


Preview for Pokemon XY & Z Team Rocket Character Song Released

One of the landmarks of the Pokemon XY & Z anime is that it will come with a series of six character songs, which so far includes the opening theme ‘XY&Z’ by Satoshi (Rica Matsumoto) and ending theme ‘Puni-chan’s Song’ by Bonnie/Eureka (Mariya Ise). The latest that has been revealed is the official theme song for the franchise’s long running antagonists, Team Rocket, which ...


Pokemon Theme Done in a ‘90s R&B Style

The opening theme from the original Pokemon animated series is easily one of the most recognizable theme songs from my generation, which is also the reason why there are dozens of different takes and parodies of it on Youtube. Musician and Youtuber Scott Bradlee has recently posted a unique new take on the song via his Saturday Morning Slow Jams series, which reimagines Cartoon theme songs as ...


New Trailer for Ducktales Remastered Features the Himalayas Level

A brand-spanking new trailer has just been released for Capcom and WayForward’s upcoming HD remake of the classic NES platformer, DuckTales. Dubbed Ducktales Remastered, the game will recreate the iconic game (which is based on the equally iconic cartoon series with an equally iconic opening theme song) but will add all sorts of bells and whistles on top of a few shiny things. ...


Capcom to Remaster DuckTales for All 3 Major Consoles

If you’re old enough to remember Disney’s animated series DuckTales, there are probably two important things you remember about it. First is that it had one of the best cartoon theme songs EVER. Second is that it also has a very good action platforming game on the NES. Capcom and Wayforward Technologies (the folks behind the awesome Adventure Time game on the DS) have recently ...

Preview of Dragon Ball Z - Battle of Gods Anime Movie Theme

Preview of Dragon Ball Z – Battle of Gods Anime Movie Theme

As a way of providing listeners with a special New Year’s treat, radio station Tokyo FM recently aired an early preview of the theme song to the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie, Battle of the Gods. The theme is still the iconic Cha-La-Head-Cha-La, but instead of Hironobu Kageyama’s original version, the movie’s theme will be a cover version by rock band Flow, who’s already ...

Ben 10 Generator Rex Heroes United at New York Comic Con

Ben 10 Generator Rex Heroes United at New York Comic Con

We’ve set our DVR, but we’re not entirely sure the technology is powerful enough. Whatever the case, on Friday, November 25th, we’ll risk it, for that is the day that Cartoon Network brings us the Man of Action teamup we’ve been waiting for, Ben 10 and Generator Rex: Heroes United. Since originally hearing of the project a few months back, we’ve only received bits ...

Five Awesome Animated Film Scores, from Mermaids to Dragons

Five Awesome Animated Film Scores, from Mermaids to Dragons

There are a number of essential elements that make an animated film come together and lift it from the mundane to the level of awesome. From story structure to character design these important elements dictate the quality of the final product.  One such essential piece of an amazing animated film is the film’s soundtrack, particularly the film’s score.  We’ve seen in the ...

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #1: Star Blazers

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #1: Star Blazers

Welcome to ToonBarn’s #1 Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Song of All Toon Time, Star Blazers. Not one Cartoon Theme Song List we saw on the internet included this theme song. Unbelievable! It is our #1 because it is a very powerful piece of music that you want to sing along with during every episode. The song brings your emotions out because you can feel the struggle of the Star Force in their ...

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #2: Scooby Doo, Where are You!

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #2: Scooby Doo, Where are You!

There have been many versions of Scooby Doo, in TV and Movies, and many versions of Scooby Doo theme songs. Don’t even get us started on the ones that included Scrappy Doo. For years, Scooby Doo has been fighting “The Simpsons” for the Guinness Book World Record for most episodes of a cartoon. Way before the Scooby Doo franchise “jumped the shark” with Scrappy Doo, ...

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #3: Speed Racer

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #3: Speed Racer

Speed Racer was the first Japanese cartoon bought by an American Production company, overdubbed in English, and edited for children. It set the precedent for more English-spoken adaptations of Japanese animation. The large red M on the hood of the Mach 5, Speed Racer’s amazing race car, was assumed by U.S. viewers to stand for the Mach 5. In reality, it is the emblem for Mifune Motors, the ...

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