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Barnaby’s New Outfit for Tiger & Bunny The Movie – The Rising

There’s a bunch of info trickling down from the second Tiger & Bunny feature film, Tiger & Bunny The Movie – The Rising!, albeit they were released in a way that avoids major spoilers and still teases fans into speculating (particularly with regard to whether Kotetsu will appear or not. After all, his nom de guerre is still referenced in the title. ...


New Trailer for Tiger & Bunny: The Rising Anime Movie

A new trailer has been released for the second Tiger & Bunny anime movie titled The Rising, this time featuring a slightly different tone from what fans would expect from the corporate-sponsored superhero series. Instead of highlighting popularity points, human drama, and superhuman fight scenes, we just get an English voice over providing eerie and ambiguous portents: ...

New Teaser for Tiger & Bunny: Anime Film

New Teaser for Tiger & Bunny: Anime Film

If you’re a fan of unapologetically commercialized superheroics, then you should be excited for next fall as everybody’s favorite corporate-sponsored heroes return in Tiger & Bunny: The Rising anime film. The official website for the movie has also posted a short teaser clip, hinting at what could be termed as “the final day of Sternbild City.” The clip opens with a ...

VIZ Media to Launch Anime Channel

VIZ Media to Launch Anime Channel

Anime and manga distributor VIZ Media has recently announced plans to launch their own 24-hour anime channel, Neon Alley. The channel will carry the world’s most popular titles and is scheduled to debut on game consoles this fall. Currently, VIZ is planning to make the channel available only to US and Canadian users. ...

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