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Tiny Island and Electric Circus Partner for G-Fighters


Korean production house Electric Circus has recently entered into a co-pro partnership with Singaporean studio Tiny Island productions in order to collaborate on a brand new CGI action-adventure series titled G-Fighters. The series will consist of 26 x 22 minute episodes and will be supported by SBA, EBS, KOCCA, SK Broadband, and CJ E&M.

The Dream Defenders Make Their Way to Hulu This Summer


The hit 3D CG animated series Dream Defenders will be making its way to Hulu and Hulu plus subscription service this summer, with the series showing off original concepts and designs developed by one of Singapore’s leading stereoscopic 3D CG animation production studios, Tiny Island Productions.

Dream Defenders is a 26 x 30 series that focuses on a pair of 14 year old twins named Zane and Zoey, who serve as the last line of defense against the nightmare monsters from the Dreamworlds, who are coming to life and planning and threatening the real world.

Focusing on producing “Future Proof” content across multiple new platforms, the Los Angeles-based writing team was supervised by industry veterans Eric and Julia Lewald (X-Men: The Animated Series, Young Hercules). The series was originally aired in the United States on 3net, the joint venture 24/7 3D Network from Sony, Discovery and IMAX, the world’s first dedicated kids 3D programming block in September 2011.

Dream Defenders Lands in North America

Dream Defenders Lands in North America

Tiny Island Productions’ Dream Defenders, which is Singapore’s first ever 3D stereoscopic animated series, has just landed in the U.S. courtesy of 3nt, a US-based 3D TV Channel that is a joint venture between Discover, IMAX, and SONY. Tiny Island further noted that they have plans to bring the franchise to games and different platforms, with a spin-off already available on the Nintendo 3D US website for download.

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