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Titmouse Releases New Teaser Images for Tongue & Pencil Show

Titmouse has just released a new teaser image for their web series titled The Tongue & Pencil Show, which focuses on the art and creative forces of animation. The web series is hosted by Titmouse co-founder Chris Prynoski, and features guest animators and artists talking about their art, their work, their lives and other casual topics. You can check out the teaser below: The unique thing ...


Deadpool test animation leaks

FX’s Deadpool animated series just wasn’t meant to be. In the wake of its cancellation, lots of information about the series have surfaced. One of the more intriguing bits is a piece of test footage from Titmouse. The MotorCity studio pitched the series but ultimately lost out on the would-be job to Atlanta’s Floyd County Productions, the company behind Archer. The minute-long ...


Pinched Available on iTunes; Interview With Creator David Vandervoort

Pinched is an animated short that was originally created in 2009. Created, written, animated and directed by David Vandervoort and Produced by Titmouse Inc., the adult-themed animated short was somewhat rejected at a few film festivals. It saw some life online (YouTube, Vimeo), where it had over a hundred thousand views before being removed. In this story, a pickpocket scours the subway at the ...


Update: Play Motorcity Drive from Your Browser

We have noticed that we’ve been receiving a lot of visitors who directly went to our post about the browser-based game for Motorcity, titled Motorcity: Drive. Now, technically, a large number of people visiting our page is a good thing. We love visitors and we can never get enough. The bad thing is – and we have only noticed it this morning – that the post has a non-working ...


Titmouse Releases The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl

Animation studio Titmouse, best known for their work on popular Adult Swim shows like Black Dynamite and The Venture Brothers, are about to publicly release their first original animated short, titled “The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl.” The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl is directed by Titmouse animator Mike Roush, who was formerly he lead animator on Metalocalypse’s ...


What Happened to Disney XD’s Motorcity?

Over the past few days, we’ve been receiving visits from people who are searching for more info on Chris Prynoski’s car-themed action comedy series Motorcity, and if you’re one of them, chances are you haven’t found any fresh news about the show. Even the game is unavailable for most countries. The reason for the dearth of information about the show’s status is ...

Disney XD's Motorcity All Revved Up For Canada

Disney XD’s Motorcity All Revved Up For Canada

Canada’s Disney XD, which is part of Astral Media, is scheduled to debut the new animated series Motorcity on Canadian screens on Saturday, May 26 at 6:30p. The series will debut as part of the channel’s Drift, Draft, and Drive Marathon, which features automobile and racing themed episodes of their cartoons during the 2pm to 7pm programming blocks. ...

Diablo III Animated Short from Peter Chung: Wrath

Diablo III Animated Short from Peter Chung: Wrath

Titmouse Studio (Metalocalypse), Korea’s Studio Goindol, and Peter Chung (The Animatrix, Aeon Flux) have recently collaborated on an animated short that provides a little bit of backstory behind Blizzard’s latest installment of the Diablo action RPG franchise. ...

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