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Shout! Factory Ink Multi-Picture Distribution Deal with Toei Animation for Digimon

Shout! Factory and Toei Animation have recently announced the signing of a new multi-picture deal for the distribution of the extremely popular action adventure anime film series, Digimon Adventure Tri, to the home entertainment marketplace. The agreement gives Shout! Factory exclusive North American broadcast and home entertainment distribution rights for the first three full length movies from ...


TOEI Prepping Dragon Ball Super for Spain and Italy

Despite the initial rocky start, Dragon Ball Super has proven to be every bit the series continuation that fans wanted. This is exemplified by its continued popularity not just in Japan, but in other territories where the series has been released. Smart enough to strike while the iron is still hot, TOEI Animation Europe is currently preparing to debut the TV series to two other countries, namely ...


Digimon Adventure Tri North American Theatrical Screening

Toei Animation and film distributor Eleven Arts (LA Based) have announced plans for an English dubbed theatrical screening of Digimon Adventure Tri – Chapter 1: Reunion. The plan includes a 1-night Fathom Events screening in more than three hundred US theaters on September 15, 2016, which will be followed by a traditional multi-city national release in major cities. The anime is a celebration ...


Toei Animation US Releases New PV for Dragon Ball Super

Toei Animation US kicked off their international promotion campaign for the Dragon Ball Super anime this week, which in turn marks the iconic shonen franchise’s 30th anniversary and it’s introductory series to a new generation of fans. As part of the campaign, the studio updated their official Facebook page wit news of the Future Trunks arc debut on June, followed by a promo for the anime on ...

VIZ Media Europe Acquires License for Sailor Moon Anime

VIZ Media Europe Acquires License for Sailor Moon Anime

Toei Animation Europe has recently signed a new deal with VIZ Media Europe for the DVD rights to the Sailor Moon anime series. The deal grants VIZ Media Europe DVD distribution rights to the iconic mahou shoujo series for all the French-speaking European countries. This is a big break for VIZ Media, as Sailor Moon is one of the most sought-after classic anime licenses, with fanbase that is ...

Toei Outlines Plans for Dragonball Z, One Piece, and Saint Seiya Films

Toei Outlines Plans for Dragonball Z, One Piece, and Saint Seiya Films

Japanese entertainment Powerhouse Toei Animation has recently announced plans to release a new Dragon Ball Z movie in March next year. The new Dragon Ball Z movie is directed by Masahiro Hosoda, with the script written by Yusuke Watanabe instead of series creator Akira Toriyama. Toei originally adapted the Dragon ball Z property into a TV series back in 1986, where it became a huge phenomenon ...

Toei to Bring Driland to MIPCOM

Toei to Bring Driland to MIPCOM

Toei Animation will be introducing a new animated series called Driland at the MIPCOM market at Cannes this year. The new series is based on the popular social game of the same name, which was developed by social game developer GREE. The 13 x 20 animated series will be bringing the game’s exciting storyline and rich mythology to life by focusing on the adventures of the game’s main ...

Imavision Acquires Grendizer Rights for French Canada

Imavision Acquires Grendizer Rights for French Canada

Toei Animation Co. Ltd. has recently awarded the French Canadian TV, DVD, and digital distribution rights for the classic series Grendizer to independent DVD distributor Imavision. The agreement was jointly announced by Imavision president Pierre Paquet and Toei GM Kenji Ebato, effectively ending a long string of false-start DVD plans in the region. ...

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