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Blowhole Strikes Back on Nickelodeon’s Penguins of Madagascar tonight

Blowhole Strikes Back on Nickelodeon's Penguins of Madagascar tonight

Tonight, Friday September 9th, the hour-long special Penguins event we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, Penguins of Madagascar: Blowhole Strikes Back. After months of frustration, Blowhole is back — and he wants some Penguin payback! His evil knows no boundaries, and his villainous scummery knows no ends… if only his singing voice wasn’t so lovely! Be sure to TOON into Nickelodeon tonight at 8pm for the DreamWorks Animation special, featuring all of your favorite charactesr from the Penguins of Madagascar animated series, as well as a special guest appearance of Alex the Lion from the original Madagascar film franchise.

Madagascar’s Alex the Lion joins the Penguins in Blowhole Strikes Back

Madagascar's Alex the Lion joins the Penguins in Blowhole Strikes Back

It’s been over a year since the Penguins last did battle with the evil Dr. Blowhole, and now he’s looking for some Penguin Payback. On Friday, September 9th, Neil Patrick Harris returns as Dr. Blowhole to get just that in Nickelodeon’s one-hour special, Penguins Movie Event called The Penguins of Madagascar Blowhole Strikes Back. More evil than ever, the Penguins have their work cut out for them, which is why they’re thankful (or, at least, will be) when they get a little help from a friend; Alex the Lion from DreamWorks Madagascar films. Insert applause here! …or… here! In any event, be sure to TOON in to Nickelodeon on Friday to see how the whole thing turns out. And check out this latest sneak peek teaser trailer in the meantime.

The Penguins of Madagascar Blowhole Strikes Back on Nickelodeon Sept 9

The Penguins of Madagascar Blowhole Strikes Back on Nickelodeon Sept 9

Next Friday, the malevolent Dr. Blowhole returns to battle the Penguins, as Nickelodeon kicks off a new hour-long animated special The Penguins of Madagascar: Blowhole Strikes Back. Featuring the voice of Neil Patrick Harris, the Penguins versus Dr. Blowhole special will kick off at 8pm on Friday, September 9th, only on Nickelodeon. NPH will perform four new songs in the Penguins Movie Event, for even the penguins will note that he does have a surprisingly nice voice …for villainous scum. The special will also feature the voices of Andy Richter and Tom McGrath as Mort and Skipper. Want more? Check out these screen shots!

DreamWorks prepping Megamind for theaters

DreamWorks prepping Megamind for theaters

A few years ago, Ben Stiller (of Madagascar fame) pitched an idea to DreamWorks’ Tom McGrath about a super villain who plays the part of a super hero. It was here that the early stages of Megamind (Oobermind, at the time) were born. The goal was to get Stiller to voice the characters opposite Robert Downey Jr. (of Iron Man fame) but with schedule conflicts, the reins were handed over to Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, and Jonah Hill (of How to Train Your Dragon fame). Fast forward a few years, and tons of creative liberties and enhancements, and Megamind is now hyping up, ready for theaters on November 5th. The CG and 3D Paramount Pictures film is set to make its mark on the comic book world of movie fans today, but many have asked if it can differentiate itself from Despicable Me, which features similar tones. What are your thoughts?

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