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New Superman revealed, Henry Cavill stars in Warner Bros. Man of Steel

New Superman revealed, Henry Cavill stars in Warner Bros. Man of Steel

In the past 25 years, we’ve had Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Tim Daly, and others fill the role of Superman, the most legendary and iconic superhero, across DC Comics, or even Marvel. As Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment plan to fly back to the big screen with their latest super story, Man of Steel, it’s time for Henry Cavill to grab the cape. ...


Superman Classic is fan animation meets comic book perfection

Superman has had a lot of exposure. Nearly 75 years of comic books, serials, cereals (both!), cartoons, toys, half a dozen films, etc. Every example has a different perspective on the character, from look to personality. Some are hit and some are miss, and those associated, from Smallville’s Tom Welling to Bryan Singer’s recent Superman Returns. But it’s the fans who make ...

Superman flies with Henry Cavill

Superman flies with Henry Cavill

Superman returns! Wait, no, that happened already. OK, maybe this would be better known as Superman Returns …More! As Hollywood waits to embrace another film about everyone’s Man of Steel, the world waited while that S-shield-fitted shirt was filled out. Would Zack Snyder’s new take on Big Blue bring back Brandon Routh? Could this be the big chance for Smallville’s ...

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