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Special Sonic Classic Collection to the Nintendo DS

Special Sonic Classic Collection to the Nintendo DS

If you’re going to ask my personal opinion, I think that the best Sonic games are the classic 2D games – that means two things; (1) I’m incredibly psyched about the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and (2) I am absolutely in love with the upcoming special Sonic Classic Collection for the Nintendo DS. The collection includes Sega’s first three Sonic games and Sonic & Knuckles, as well as a tin, art cards, and a Sonic figurine. Unfortunately (for me) as of right now, the collection will only be available in Spain and Australia, but Sega has not ruled out a wider distribution.

2009 Holiday Toon Toys

2009 Holiday Toon Toys

There are always so many different action figures, play sets, stuffed dolls, and video games to choose from — especially as November and December roll around, when all the toy companies want to make sure they get in your house for the holidays 🙂 Of all the options, what are you hoping to own? And I know, I know… Zhu Zhu Pets… we’re talking toon-specific stuff here! What’s on your wish lists? A SpongeBob music collection? Some fun Ni Hao, Kai-Lan clothes? New Pokemon card expansion packs? One of the many TMNT video games? Maybe you want Batman and Superman or
Total Drama on DVD? Just waiting on the Ben 10 Lego set? See, I told you, there are LOTS of options!! What’s yours?

Geronimo Stilton toys

Geronimo Stilton toysWant some Geronimo Stilton toys? You got’em! Atlantyca Entertainment and the MoonScoop Group have agreed to work with toy company Giochi Preziosi to produce toys for the animated series. But what if you’ve never heard of the show? That’s OK! It’s not on TV yet 🙂 But it will be on Italian TVs this fall, and all across Europe and the US at the start of next year. And then those toys will mean something!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on DVD

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on DVDSnow White will be returning as top Disney princess later this year, as Disney re-releases Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on DVD!  Disney has unveiled a number of new Snow White toys at this year’s Toy Fair that have confirmed the movie will be re-released.  The schedule so far has the movie hitting Blu-ray hi-def and DVD later this fall, along with a number of new toys and accessories from Disney.

I choose you, Burger King!

I choose you, Burger King!Well… you… and Pokemon! Actually… I didn’t choose either of them, but they chose each other! Pokemon USA and Burger King are teaming up to add items for the Pokemon Trading Card Game to BK Kids Meals. Included in the give aways are two Pokemon TCG cards (there are a total of 12) and six accessories — one of these prizes will be in each Kids Meal. The promotion starts on June 1st, so don’t go filling up on burgers yet!

Chub City to get a ‘toon of its own!

Chub City to get a 'toon of its own!Any fans of Chub City out there? …Any people living in Chub city?? For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Chub City is a toyline of “tricked-out rides and a slew of cool characters. In Chub City, even fire engines and trash trucks cruise the town with larger-than-life spinning rims”. The idea is hot enough for Dentsu Inc to plan to develop a cartoon about the toys. Welcome to the world of animation, fellas!

Yu-Gi-Oh! comes to Toy Fair

Yu-Gi-Oh! comes to Toy FairToy Fair is the biggest toy event of the year (other than the winter holidays, of course!) and this year, Konami is bringing something big! Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. will be showcasing the big gun; its Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. What they will bring or offer, is not yet known. Could be starter decks, could be highlighted collectibles. But whatever it is, it’s Yu-Gi-Oh!

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