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Every year, there are a number of toys or products for kids that hit store shelves, but are later found to be dangerous.  No, not because the Batman: Wayne Manor playset cost too much, and not because it hurt when you stepped on the “Bubbles” action figure from PowerPuff Girls — we’re talking about actual danger!  To help protect your family from any kind of harm, has launched a “Toy and Product Recall Finder” ( that lists information on which products could be hazardous.  Go check it out — folks, bring your kids; kids bring your folks!

Greetings, from Astro Boy

Astro Boy Greeting Cards

In an effort to promote the upcoming Astro Boy film, Imagi Studios has partnered with American Greetings to make Astro Boy-themed greeting cards, stationery, and gift wrap type items, as well as partnering with Penguin Group to produce Astro Boy publications.  Additionally, there will be toys, video games, and even comics for the upcoming cg-animated film.

Toys “R” Us Times Square welcomes Ben 10 Alien Force!

Toys "R" Us Times Square

I’ve been to the Toys “R” Us in Times Square a number of times in the past few years, and it’s always a blast.  Now, I can’t wait to get back there to see all of the huge new Ben 10 displays they’re putting up next week!  Cartoon Network has promised a major presence at NYC’s TRU for Ben 10 Alien Force products.  The full range of items will be there: toys, action figures, DVDs, clothes… anything you can think of, Toys R Us will have it.  This includes a special play-it-here-first version of Ben 10: Alien Force the Game!  Maybe we should leave some ToonBarn flyers at the spot so all Ben 10 fans know to come here for their Ben 10 info! 🙂

Bakugan DVDs


In additon to the plentiful bounty of Bakugan toys we’ll soon be able to check out all around the world, the people behind the Battle Brawlers have inked multiple DVD distribution deals with Warner Home Video.  This will enable people all over the world (the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Benelux, France, and the Nordic Region) to enjoy the series on those beautiful little circular movie-holding discs.  Ahh, technology! 🙂

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