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Toys R Us Is Closing It’s Doors. Its Cartoon Networks, Nickelodeons and Disney’s Fault.

Toys R Us – TRU for many of us older, was a staple of American kid culture. It was the toy store. For a long long time, any toy that was promoted on TV. was on the shelf in the store. It was where many Christmas dreams were made. And who could forget the commercials? But, it seems that Toys R Us could not survive the changing metrics of the world. The Store Announced it could close every ...

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift toys

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift toys

Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, together with Toys R Us, is set to launch a complete line of products based on Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming animated feature film Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. The Ice Age 4: Continental Drift toys will be released on the market starting on July 1, 2012 – slightly ahead of the movie’s theatrical release on July 13. ...

Download Cartoon Network's Pikachu to your Nintendo DS for free

Download Cartoon Network’s Pikachu to your Nintendo DS for free

Got nothing to do this weekend? Why don’t you bring your Pokemon games over to Toys R Us and download some free content! Nintendo is working with the toy giant to offer fans with a Nintendo DS and a Nintendo DS Pokemon game a free download; Ash’s Pikachu! The little yellow pocket monster will work its way into your roster of Pokemon in the following games: Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon ...

Fox has Rio fly to theaters April 15th

Fox has Rio fly to theaters April 15th

Twentieth Century Fox has a lot on it’s plate. With all types of Ice Age related news on the horizon, their most immediate concern, Rio, steps out of the cold and into the Blue Sky … literally, via Blue Sky Studios. In addition to partnering with Toys R Us, THQ, HarperCollins, and Hallmark for a series of toys, games, books and cards, hype for the movie has begun to roll out with ...


Toys “R” Us Times Square welcomes Ben 10 Alien Force!

I’ve been to the Toys “R” Us in Times Square a number of times in the past few years, and it’s always a blast.  Now, I can’t wait to get back there to see all of the huge new Ben 10 displays they’re putting up next week!  Cartoon Network has promised a major presence at NYC’s TRU for Ben 10 Alien Force products.  The full range of items will be there: ...


SpongeBob SpeakerPants

Ever wanted a SpongeBob set of speakers?  Or an iCarly digital camera?  Well, that wish of yours will soon be true!  Nickelodeon will introduce the newest electronic products in the Nickelodeon Npower brand that will be available this year, in time for Christmas.  The new Npower products are based on several of Nick’s series, including… iCarly themed web cams, camcorders, ...


Back to School Wars

May the pencils be with you?  Toys R Us is having a dream “back to school” (aaaah!!) offer for Star Wars fans.  The backpack normally sells for $10.99 but is free if you spend more than $30 on Star Wars stuff by August 23, 2008.  And, remember, those other Star Wars items don’t have to be school related — so go buy up all of the DVDs and video games and toys you ...

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