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PokeFans create trailer for Pokemon Apokelypse

PokeFans create trailer for Pokemon Apokelypse

Maybe Youtube isn’t the video haven it was a few years ago, but it’s still a phenomenal place for fan created projects. Whether its some sorta MEME or AMV, or in this case, even the more intricate fan-made trailers. Pokemon Apokelypse might be one of the better examples we’ve ever seen of this concept, taking the Pokemon concept from the trading card game, the video games, ...

Gotta Catch 'Em All. No, seriously, for Pokemon, Lisa Courtney has to catch them ALL

Gotta Catch ‘Em All. No, seriously, for Pokemon, Lisa Courtney has to catch them ALL

I like Pokemon. I would go so far as to say, over the years, I’ve really loved the franchise! Toons, cards, toys, games, etc. It’s awesome. But… then, I heard of Lisa Courtney through a little publication called Guinness World Records 2010. According to the book, Lisa Courtney has collected more than 13,000 Pokemon items. Thur. Teen. Thousand. That’s statues and ...

4Kids works with Sega on Dinosaur King

4Kids works with Sega on Dinosaur King

Despite any rumors or troubles that 4Kids may be having, the company keeps on keeping on! Just recently, 4Kids Entertainment signed a few deals for the Dinosaur King animated series. The toon, based on Sega’s trading card game, will make it’s way to Turner Spain as well as GMTV in the UK. Now, Dinosaur King airs on TheCW4Kids in the US during the Saturday morning block, as well as ...

4Kids comments on Chaotic going chaotic

4Kids comments on Chaotic going chaotic

Amidst rumors of 4Kids being bought by another company, the licensing company recently spoke out about recent transactions related to Chaotic. The famed cartoon and trading card game animated property has built up a great following since launching a few years back. There’ve been multiple animation styles, a run on TheCW4Kids and Cartoon Network, video games, even a softdrink. But now, ...

Konami calls Upper Deck a cheater at Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

Konami calls Upper Deck a cheater at Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

Yu-Gi-Oh! has been around for quite some time now, over a decade in all. Through that span, the series has undergone many changes; different stars, different channels, etc. There’s also issues with the toys and printed cards, as well. Just the other day, Konami announced that Upper Deck allegedly printed thousands of fake cards for its popular trading card game in China, bringing them ...


Dinosaur King gets T-Rex-sized coverage

In an effort to bring Dinosaur King to as many fans as possible, 4Kids has signed a number of deals with networks around the world for the hit animated series and trading card game. Amongst the networks are Lagardere Networks’ Gulli TV and Canal J in France, Network Ten in Australia, RedeTV in Brazil, Orlando Kids in the Balkans region, and Canal Panda in Portugal. 4Kids has also inked a ...


2009 Pokemon World Championships DSi

See, now, that (above) is awesome. Very, very, very awesome. This is a limited edition, 2009 Pokemon World Championship DSi. The system is handed out by Nintendo to (incredibly) lucky fans at select, special events. This one was featured at the 2009 Pokemon TCG and Video Game World Championships in San Diego, California. And, because these specials are only featured there, and not in the ...


Chaotic gets busy

4Kids Entertainment and TC Digital Games are making all sorts of moves for their star tv series and trading card game combo, Chaotic. Up first is Blowfish Entertainment in South Africa, which will start airing season one of Chaotic on MNET next month. Brand Licensing Israel in Israel will now add season two to its repeats of season one on Noga TV. And Sinerji Reklam in Turkey will begin to ...


Dinosaur King trading card game roars to the top

Dinosaur King has become King of the Trading Card Games in the UK!! …Well, OK, we got a little ahead of ourselves. It’s not “king”, but it is in the top three spot! All in less than a year’s time for the Upper Deck TCG. Natalie Hilton, the marketing manager at Upper Deck’s UK office, agreed with how cool this is, saying; “The growth of Dinosaur King Trading ...


Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s toys head to Germany

4Kids Entertainment and CTM Concept-TV & Merchandising will bring toys based on Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, the latest series in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, to fans all over Germany. The series launched on Germany’s RTL2 in March, less than a year after the 5D’s trading card game debuted in the country. The toys will be distributed by Upper Deck, and should be available starting this ...


Germany gets Chaotic

Chaotic fans in Germany rejoice! The Chaotic trading card game and animated TV series are making their way to the country. 4Kids Entertainment has begun distributing the TCG in Germany through Universal Cards. The animated series launched last week on RTL2 where it airs Mondays through Thursdays at 1pm. Chaotic will also be featured on My Pokito in Germany, RTL2’s daily interactive ...


Chaotic Drink

You like watching Chaotic? You like playing the card game? What about … drinking it? Well, that’s a weird request, but it’s actually something you can do! U & Me Marketing is launching a brand new Chaotic natural beverage product this year, starting in Canada with hopes to spread elsewhere. Based on 4Kids and TC Digital Games Chaotic trading card game and animated ...

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