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Gotta shop’em all!

You’ve been to Toys ‘R’ Us. You’ve seen the Pokemon section. And you’ve jumped up and down in excitement when you see all the cool stuff. …well, alright, at least I have! But now, maybe you will too! Pokemon USA will be expanding all of the Pokemon sections in TRU stores throughout the year. Video games, trading card game packs, DVDs, everything! There ...


M’arrillian Invasion: Turn of the Tide

TC Digital is releasing yet another expansion set to their Chaotic Trading Card Game for M’arrillian Invasion. The pack, which is called M’arrillian Invasion: Turn of the Tide, is based on the animated series which airs Saturday mornings on the CW cartoon block. Do you own any TCG cards yet? ...


Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Champion Pack 8

On March 20th, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. will launch the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Champion Pack 8. The TCG will be available at the standard places;  hobby stores, comic book stores, and convenience shops where you buy your other cards.   The pack will feature tournament-tested cards, previously hard-to-earn promotional cards and a brand new card to round out the set. ...


I choose you, Burger King!

Well… you… and Pokemon! Actually… I didn’t choose either of them, but they chose each other! Pokemon USA and Burger King are teaming up to add items for the Pokemon Trading Card Game to BK Kids Meals. Included in the give aways are two Pokemon TCG cards (there are a total of 12) and six accessories — one of these prizes will be in each Kids Meal. The promotion starts ...


Yu-Gi-Oh! comes to Toy Fair

Toy Fair is the biggest toy event of the year (other than the winter holidays, of course!) and this year, Konami is bringing something big! Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. will be showcasing the big gun; its Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. What they will bring or offer, is not yet known. Could be starter decks, could be highlighted collectibles. But whatever it is, it’s Yu-Gi-Oh! ...


Chaotic: the video game

Activision now has plans to release a video game version of the trading card game Chaotic.  Those of you who have been turned off by how expensive collecting the cards can get now have a cheaper and more fun alternative that you can play on your Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, or PS3 later this year!  The game promises “vibrant, fully-realized 3D environments” and ...


SWCWTCG!! (Star Wars: Clone Wars trading card game!!)

Star Wars: the Clone Wars was popular in the theaters and on TVs.  Now, they’re hoping to extend that popularity onto your table tops in the form of a trading card game called  Clone Wars: Tactics.  I can’t believe they went with that name instead of the one I suggested: Card Wars! Whatever!  Anyway, the TCG will be released to the public on November 12th.  That day just HAPPENS ...

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