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New Promo for Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Trunks’ Travel Edition

We’re still a long way away from Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s February 2015 release, but Bandai Namco Games doesn’t want you to rest on your laurels because there is a very slim (none, actually) chance that you’ll forget about the game’s existence – so they released a new promo video. The new promo showcases the “Trunks’ Travel Edition” for the consoles, which will come packed with ...


Mysterious Dragon Ball Xenoverse Character Revealed

Cue the collective “I knew it!” as Bandai Namco Games has just revealed the details regarding the mystery character from the upcoming game Dragon Ball Xenoverse. According to Bamco, the character is actually you, the player. This means it’s a custom-created avatar, something that fans have already suspected for quite some time due to the character looking like it’s wearing a “clown ...


Dragonball Z Stop Motion: Trunks vs. Gundam vs. Piccolo

In case you’re all giddy for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie, Battle of the Gods, but can’t stand the excruciating wait for it to come to North American shores, you can scratch that Saiyan itch temporarily by watching the brilliant Dragon Ball Z fan short from Taiwanese animator counter656, which uses stop motion animation to bring to life a series of battle royals featuring your favorite ...

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