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Play Entertainment’s Angel’s Friends Preps New Season

A brand-spanking new season of Play Entertainment’s popular animated series Angel’s Friends is being prepared. Created by Play Entertainment CEO Simona Ferri in 2007, the show currently has two seasons (104 x 13 minute) and a special TV movie under its belt. The first season was already sold to more than 40 regionsand more than 100 licensees signed up throughout the ...

Toei brings Pretty Cure to Cartoon Network

Toei brings Pretty Cure to Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network fans are going to get a pretty deal! …get it? “Pretty”? …eh? …because… never mind. Anyway, the toon channel recently penned a deal with Toei Animation to bring some of the legendary anime company’s shows to it’s network, starting in the Australian and New Zealand regions. Turner Entertainment Networks Asia is overseeing the ...

Deltora Quest his Cartoon Network

Deltora Quest his Cartoon Network

Talk about a global effort! Turner Entertainment Networks in Asia has recently been working with USA’s DCI Los Angeles to bring the animated adventure series Deltora Quest to Cartoon Network in Australia. Thankfully, all of this international mingling has been successful, and the show will debut in that region next month. Perfect timing, too, as Scholastic is relaunching Emily ...

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