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New Final Fantasy XV Video Tells You Everything You Need to Know

It’s not like Final Fantasy XV still needs a trailer, as everybody who’s interested are probably already getting ready to buy it (and those who are obsessed probably have it preordered or reserved), but Square Enix has recently posted a video titled Final Fantasy XV 101, which is basically an extended promo trailer with one notable difference: it functions as a good primer on the game ...


We Bare Bears Encourages Kids to Learn How to Code

Cartoon Network has collaborated with coding platform and online kids community Scratch in order to develop and launch a suite of free coding tutorials featuring the content and assets from the hit animated series We Bare Bears. The campaign is launched in support of the global Hour of Code learning initiative for Computer Science Education Week, which runs from December 7 to 13. The We Bare ...


Capcom Releases Sneak Peek at Street Fighter V Tutorial

One of Capcom’s plans for the upcoming Street Fighter V is to make it the most accessible iteration of the long-running fighting game, and the most recent video clip they released provides a hint as to how they plan to do it: by providing a tutorial that’s even more in-depth than the training modes included in the previous games. There’s also the bonus of giving insight into Ken and Ryu’s ...

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