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The Nut Job to Get its Own TV Series

Toonbox Entertainment and Pipeline Studios have recently announced a new collaborative project, which follows from the two companies’ multi-year co-development deal signed last year. The new project will be the development and production of a new television series based on the Nut Job film. Tentatively titled “Nut Jobs,” the series is 2D animated and will be targeted towards kids aged ...


Big Hero 6 Series Starts Production for 2017 Premiere

The animated television series Big Hero 6 has started production for its 2017 debut on Disney XD platforms worldwide. It is aimed for kids, tweens and families is based on Academy Award-winning feature film from Walt Disney Animation Studios inspired by the Marvel comics of the same name. Emmy Award-winning producers Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle, creators and executive producers of the ...


FUNimation Loses Rights to Darker than Black

When fans realized that anime distributor FUNimation stopped listing the Darker Than Black and Air TV series, the rumor mill started pumping out theories. Thankfully, we didn’t get too much speculation our way because FUNimation themselves came clean and admitted that they no longer have the home video or streaming rights to Darker Than Black. As for why they lost the license and whether it ...


Blinky Bill TV Series to Return in 2016

Riding on the momentum of the Blinky Bill movie that’s going to debut this September, Seven Network Australia is going to launch an all new Blinky Bill TV series in 2016. Titled “The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill,” the new series consists of 26 episodes and will be developed by Australian studio Flying Bark Productions. The series will be carried by Channel 7. The Wild Adventures of Blinky ...


Zodiak Kids to Bring Back Mumfie

Zodiak Kids has recently signed a new development deal with Britt Allcroft Productions, which will see a collaboration that will bring back the beloved Mumfie franchise to the small screens. Zodiak Kids Studios will be developing the new animated TV series and it will be based on characters from The Magic Adventures of Mumfie. The original Mumfie TV series was launched in the 90s on CiTV in the ...


Tangled to Get its Own TV Series

Disney has recently announced that a new animated TV series based on the hit CG animated film Tangled has just begun production. The series is targeting a 2017 worldwide premiere and will feature the return of original voice cast members Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, who played Rapunzel and Eugene, respectively. The Tangled TV series will be set between the events of the film and the 2012 short ...


Official Trailer for The Penguins of Madagascar Movie Released

DreamWorks Animation has just released the first official trailer for the feature-length theatrical version of their popular spin-off TV series, The Penguins of Madagascar. The feature is slated for a November 26 release, swapping release dates with Home. The Penguins of Madagascar movie will be released in stereoscopic 3D and is directed by Simon Smith and Eric Darnell, boasting an all-star ...


Marvel’s Daredevil TV Series Casts Charlie Cox as The Man Without Fear

When Marvel regained the rights for Daredevil, they made sure not to repeat the mistakes of its previous owner and started work on a project, this time around resorting to a Netflix exclusive (which we assume to be easier to set up than a big budget film.) progress on the series has been good so far, with Steven S. DeKnight being installed as the showrunner recently. ...


Go Behind the Scenes of Sega’s Sonic Boom Game and Show

A couple of weeks ago, Sega went ahead and revealed their latest Sonic-related project, Sonic Boom, which is a new animated TV series and accompanying game. Reception was a little bit mixed, but for the people who are positive about the project and those who are willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, Sega has just posted a new Behind the Scenes featurette that delves deep into the ...


Sonic Boom Animated Series to Get New Games and Merchandise

Sega has finally broken their silence over their plans for a new animated series for Sonic the Hedgehog, dubbed “Sonic Boom.” The series is said to be CG-animated and will be coming to Cartoon Network this fall. Additionally, the launch of the series will be heralded by a multi-platform campaign that will see the creation of a new videogame for the Wii U and 3DS, as well as a new line of ...


El Tabador TV Series Planned by Camillion Corp.

Canadian outfit Camillion Corp. has recently signed a global rights deal with Koodo for the exclusive rights to the latter’s award-winning animated pitchman, El Tabador. Camillion has since begun development on a half hour primetime family TV sitcom that will use a CG animated version of El Tabador in live-action scenes. ...


Invizimals Set to Make a Splash at MIP JR and MIPCOM

The brand new animated TV series based on Sony’s hit videogame franchise Invizimals is set to make a strong appearance at the upcoming editions of MIP JR and MIPCOM in Cannes this coming October. TVE has already confirmed their involvement in the production of the new animated series, along with Spanish development studio Novorama and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The TV series will ...

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