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A decree from the countess of cartoon storytelling: a book review of Animating Short Stories by Cheryl Briggs

Once upon a time . . . they lived happily ever after. The reason for such everlasting bliss is that they – ambitious, upstart animation pros – have devoured Cheryl Briggs’ newest publication entitled Animating Short Stories: Narrative Techniques and Visual Design (Bloomsbury Academic).

Batman: The Complete Television Series is available TODAY!

The limited edition Blu-ray set gives you the Red Carpet Treatment. It’s a larger case (see pic above) that opens up like a cabinet door. There are magnets on the door which help keep it closed. Inside, you see a form-fitted case with a pocket for the Hot Wheels car, the 44 trading cards and a section that holds each of the three seasons and the two booklets. Also, there’s a button on the outside of the case that plays the Batman theme song when you press it.

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