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WATCH: TrollHunters/Stranger Things Mashup

DreamWorks’ Trollhunters recently debuted to a strong positive response on Netflix’s streaming service, so Netflix has seen it fit to celebrate the new series alongside another one of their popular exclusive shows, the sci-fi horror series Stranger Things, through an amusing promo video that has the Trollhunters trailer being re-edited into a new one inspired by Stranger Things. If you watch ...


Pokken Tournament Teases Another Character Reveal

The Tekken-inspired Pokemon arcade fighting game Pokken Tournament seems to be dead set on adding characters to its roster on a regular basis, and with the sheer amount of Pokemon available at its disposal, we’re not likely to see it end soon (and nobody will be complaining because these are free updates, not paid DLC.) Case in point, just a couple of weeks after Scizor’s addition to the ...


Comedy Central Orders Animated Series Based on @DadBoner Twitter Feed

According to a recent report, Comedy Central has recently ordered a pilot for an animated series based on the popular Twitter feed @DadBoner, which is about a fictional user from Michigan named Karl Welzein, who frequently tweets about his life as a struggling middle-aged man from middle America, filtered through a lens that consists of beer, burgers, and patriotism. ...


Toon Hero App Launches Social Network BETA

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 20, 2014 – Today, Trigger Happy, the creators of the animated storytelling app Toon Hero, launched their own social network, Users will be able to publish their creations faster and directly on the social network using HTML5 technology with the newly released version 1.4 of the app. A user profile is created, which showcase each of the individual’s ...


The Simpsons Tries to One-Up Ellen’s Selfie

Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres recently managed to bring Twitter’s servers to its knees, via a selfie tweet from the event, in which she had several Hollywood A-listers crammed into a single selfie. It seems like Homer isn’t taking it lying down, as a Simpsonified version of the Selfie has been tweeted by Homer Simpson himself, featuring Homer and Bart being edged out of the pic by the ...

Runaway Road Trip brings SpongeBob and Bikini Bottom to Twitter

Runaway Road Trip brings SpongeBob and Bikini Bottom to Twitter

He’s conquered pineapples under the sea, now he’s conquering social media! SpongeBob SquarePants takes full advantage of the Twitter-verse as the iconic Nickelodeon mascot promotes the five all-new “get-away”-themed episodes of his hit series airing this week. Each premieres at 5pm, but is replayed multiple times through out the day and week to make sure you get to ...

Voltron Double Blade

Voltron Force Producers Bob Koplar and Jeremy Corray Interview

Coming this Thursday, November 3, at 8:30 PM, only on Nicktoons (anybody else have it memorized?), you can see an all new episode of Voltron Force (Episode 14: Form Green Center). In honor of this new block of episodes, as a special treat to visitors of ToonBarn, we were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Bob Koplar and Jeremy Corray, who are responsible for producing ...

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Ice Race Cometh: A Twitter-Tale

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Ice Race Cometh: A Twitter-Tale

Jellyfishing is one thing, but we don’t recall SpongeBob and Patrick ever going Tweeting! But that’s now all part of an upcoming plan by Nickelodeon to get the yellow porous one out there, into the deep wide world of social media. On July 12th through the 15th (Tuesday through Friday of next week), Nick is running a made-for Twitter event called SpongeBob SquarePants: The Ice Race ...

Batman The Dark Knight Rises reveals Bane

Batman The Dark Knight Rises reveals Bane

We’ve gone through the Joker, Maroni, Falcone, Scarecrow, Ra’s al Ghul, Harvey Dent, and others, in just two films so far; Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Now, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are ramping up the might of the villain in the third chapter to the Batman saga, as The Dark Knight Rises reveals Bane. Introduced in the DC Comics series less than 20 years ago, Bane ...


ToonBarn hearts Twitter

Well, lookie what we got here! Some sorta romance between ToonBarn and Twitter! Now that Twitter and Tweeting and Twitorianating is all the rage, we decided we should get ToonBarn up and running on their services. Are you on there, following all sortsa folks? If so, why not give us a click! We have all of our cartoon news posted there, with a few daily updates, to make sure all the latest ...

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