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ToonBarn Interviews Thundercats Voice Actors and Writer

ToonBarn Interview: Thundercats Voice Actors and Writer

Over the last few weeks, I have been really lucky to have connected with some of the main players in the Original Thundercats series that aired from 1985-1989. In the 80’s, Thundercats was so popular that it had become the #1 rated cartoon in over 30 television markets in the United States. Recently, Thundercats was re-booted as a new series, with different animation, different writers, ...

ThunderCats: The Trials of Lion-O, Part Two

ThunderCats: The Trials of Lion-O, Part Two

On the next episode of ThunderCats, we get the 2nd part of The Trials of Lion-O, in which the ThunderCats (minus Lion-O) find themselves trapped in Mumm-Ra’s Pyramid. Believing that Lion-O is dead, the cats try to escape and prevent Mumm-Ra from acquiring the Eye of Thundera, which is still embedded in the sword. There’s a couple of preview clips below to whet your appetites: ...

Panthro vs Grune in ThunderCats Between Brothers

Panthro vs Grune in ThunderCats Between Brothers

With the sneak peek look we got at Tygra battling Lion-O, we know that this week’s episode of ThunderCats is going to be pretty intense. In addition to their fight, Cheetara finally choosing her beau, a whole saga with Mumm-Ra and his minions, and an ongoing quest for the Spirit Stones, we have a major, perhaps final, confrontation between Panthro and Grune to look forward to. Former ...

A rift from Tygra and Lion-O's past gets Between Brothers

A rift from Tygra and Lion-O’s past gets Between Brothers

While revisiting the Forbidden Ruins, Lion-O and Tygra get a glimpse into their own past, to a moment when the young brothers reached a potential fork in the road. Lion-O remembers some playfulness causing trouble, but the truth is, Tygra brought the trouble intentionally. All these years later, the act doesn’t sit well with the Lord of the ThunderCats. In fact, this rivalry is just one ...

Lion-O, Cheetara, and the Cats travel Into the Astral Plane

Lion-O, Cheetara, and the Cats travel Into the Astral Plane

ThunderCats, check. Sword of Omens, check. Sight Beyond Sight, check. So, just where the heck is this stone they’ve been hunting for? As the crew emerges from last week’s adventure with the Wood Forgers in The Forest of Magi Oar, they return to Elephant Village only to see it has been overtaken by Grunea and Mumm-Ra’s evil forces. Seems like things couldn’t get any ...

Transform your Facebook Profile into a Thundercats character

Transform your Facebook profile into a ThunderCats character

If you’re a fan of Warner Bros’ Recent reboot of the ThunderCats series and would like more ways to show people of your interest, then the new ThunderCats Mane Frame FB app will be a godsend. The ThunderCats Mane Frame application is a facebook app that lets users transform themselves into a wide variety of Thundercats characters, with options for both heroes and villains. The app uses ...

The Sword of Omens lost on the ThunderCats The Duelist and The Drifter

The Sword of Omens lost on the ThunderCats The Duelist and The Drifter

On Friday, September 9th (in other words TONIGHT!) Cartoon Network is dishing out an all new episode of their all new ThunderCats series! Even though most of us, whether your fans of the new show or the 1980s ThunderCats, think that Lion-O and the Sword of Omens are inseparable, that doesn’t necessarily mean that enemies aren’t trying to work a wedge between the two. When Lion-O ...

Journey to the Tower of Omens to fight Mumm-Ra with the ThunderCats

Journey to the Tower of Omens to fight Mumm-Ra with the ThunderCats

What’s the best way to protect the Stones of Power? How can you find the legendary Book of Omens? Where does one turn to confront Mumm-Ra, the ever-living? The answer to each and every one of these thought-provoking and in-depth questions is clear: The ThunderCats. In the August 26th episode of the Cartoon Network series, Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara, and the rest of the gang must ...

Mumm-Ra on ThunderCats Journey to the Tower of Omens, Cartoon Network

Mumm-Ra on Cartoon Network’s ThunderCats Journey to the Tower of Omens

Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform this decayed form to Mumm-Ra, the ever-living!! Since the ThunderCats had their original series in the 1980s, Mumm-Ra has been amongst the scariest of all cartoon characters. But this latest version on Cartoon Network truly proves the villain is ever-living! Completely reborn along with the rest of the saga, Mumm-Ra makes his true return in August ...

An interview with Cartoon Network's ThunderCats Thunder-Cast

An interview with Cartoon Network’s ThunderCats Thunder-Cast

The ThunderCats are loose again on Cartoon Network! After months and months of buildup and waiting, last week, the CN finally unleashed the premiere episode of the new ThunderCats series with a one-hour special episode called Omens. Perfectly reviving the 1980s classic toon, the new animated series has an entirely fresh take on the originals, with a bold new story, all-new mythology, and a ...


ThunderCats Omens one hour premiere on Cartoon Network July 29

Ancient Spirits of Evil, beware! Tonight, July 29th, the ThunderCats are born again – reviving the classic 1980s franchise with an all new animated series on Cartoon Network. The hour-long premiere kicks off tonight with “Omens” reintroducing the iconic characters to us, as if for the very first time; Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, WilyKit, WilyKat, the evil Mumm-Ra, the ...

Original ThunderCats return to Boomerang July 16th

Original ThunderCats return to Boomerang July 16th

ThunderCats are on the move; ThunderCats are loose! Feel the magic on Cartoon Network when the ThunderCats relaunch premieres July 29th, but that’s not the only roar! Serving up some classic cartoon goodness, Boomerang (Cartoon Network’s sister channel) is dishing out a marathon for the original, 1980s version of the ThunderCats animated series on July 16th and July 17th. As if ...

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