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What do Ben 10: Alien Force and the JLA have in common?

Have you ever wondered what the Justice League and Ben 10: Alien Force have in common? Well, for starters, Dwayne McDuffie! Dwayne has been the writer on the JLA comic book for the past two years. And the same time, Dwayne also story-edits and writes Ben 10: Alien Force, the super popular animated series on Cartoon Network. And, oddly enough, he’s ending ties with both of them soon, in ...


Ben 10: Evolutions

We’ve been following Ben from child hood, to his Alien Force, to the NBA, even to live action… but now, it’s time to evolve. Er, at least… maybe it is. Cartoon Network is updating Ben10’s series again, delving deeper into the adventures of 16-year-old Ben. They’re still creating the show, so “Ben 10: Evolutions” might not be the final name, but ...

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