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One Piece Unlimited World: Red Makes Its Way to Europe, and North America in July

English speaking fans of One Piece will be glad to know that the multiplatform action game One Piece Unlimited World: Red will finally be arriving in Europe on June 27, followed by a North American version in July. And the ports will not be arriving as plain jane releases, because both the day one edition and a special Chopper edition will be including several yummy goodies. The day one edition ...


New Promo Video for One Piece Unlimited World: Red

A new promo video has just been released for Namco-Bandai’s upcoming 3DS action rpg, One Piece Unlimited World: Red. This time around, the video shines a spotlight on its nine playable characters, consisting of the Straw Hat Pirates (Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Chopper, Usopp, Robin, Franky, and Brook.) Fans will recognize some key scenes in the promo video, such as the dragon from the punk ...


New Promo for One Piece: Unlimited World Red

Yesterday we posted something about the new One Piece game for the Nintendo 3DS, One Piece: Unlimited World Red, namely the advert in a recent issue of WSJ, which didn’t provide much info but showed a nice screenshot featuring Luffy and the gang fighting the dragon from Punk Hazard. ...

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