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Scarygirl gets animated series from Dark Slope Studios

Toronto’s Dark Slope Studios is bringing Nathan Jurevicius’ world of Scarygirl to the small screen. The Canadian company plans on utilizing best-in-class motion capture, facial tracking middleware and real-time rendering powered by Unreal Engine to bring the property’s art to life in CG-animation. While the animated series has no release window attached, Dark Slope will ...


VIDEO: Fan-Made Demo Renders Sonic the Hedgehog Using Unreal Engine 4

Due to the availability of Epic Games’ Kite demo, fans are able to take the Unreal Engine 4 for a test drive, and many of them have taken a stab at presenting popular characters and showing off how they would look like on the next gen engine. Case in point is a recent demo from Youtuber CryZex, who managed to show what Sonic the Hedgehog would look like while dashing around and taunting various ...

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