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ABC Picks Up Pat the Dog for US Screening on the Disney Channel

If you have a penchance for French cartoons, particularly the quirky comedies that have more laughs than sense most of the time, the ABC Cable Networks Group’s acquisition of the US broadcast rights for French CG cartoon comedy Pat the Dog will be a boon. Originally launched by Indie French distributor Superights at last year’s MIP Junior marketplace, the 78 x 7 series has been acquired by ...


Millimages’ Molang Makes a Splash in the U.S.

Millimages has finally brought its short form animated series Molang to U.S. shores via the Disney Junior App. The series has already been watched by 35% of kids aged 2 to 5 in the country since it was first premiered a few months ago, with viewers watching an average of 20 shorts. The success has prompted Millimages to greenlight a second season, which is already in production and expected to be ...


Be Ponkickies Make Its Way to US and Canada

Fuji Television Kids Entertainment has recently inked an exclusive deal with Oznoz in order to debut the animated series Be Ponkickies on North America’s biggest bilingual kid’s content platform. Considered by some as the Japanese counterpart to Sesame Street, Be Ponkickies is one of the longest running kids’ shows in the country, enjoying a hefty 40 year run on Fuji TV Network and BS ...


Exclusive Pokemon Center Items Coming to the US

One of the nice things that Japanese Pokemon fans have over U.S.-based ones is the availability of exclusive merchandise that are offered through “Pokemon Centers.” With Nintendo planning a new Pokemon Center website, all of those Japan-exclusive merchandise will now be made available to players in Noth America. ...

The Pokemon Company Releases Official Pokedex App for iOS

The Pokemon Company Releases Official Pokedex iOS App for the US

The company responsible for handling the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Company, has just launched the official Pokedex iOS app in North America and Europe. The app will be in English, compared to the Japanese version that was released last month. Bear in mind that this may be the only portable version of a Pokedex you can get right now, as the (much cheaper) 3DS one has been taken off the 3DS ...

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