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Sony Developing a New Animated Feature for Spider-Man

By now, you’ve most likely heard about the recent incident where a group of hackers managed to compromise Sony’s private data, leading to the release of tons of confidential data. The incident is a little bit outside the scope of Toonbarn (we mostly deal with just cartoons, superheroes, animation, and games) but one leaked information is right up our alley: it seems that Sony has several ...


Kurtzman Discusses Choosing the Right Incarnation for Venom Spin-Off Film

With the announcement that Sony will be launching a new movie franchise off of Spider-Man, one that focuses on his on-again/off-again nemesis Venom, one of the chief concerns that fans have is “which one?” The Venom character, which started out as an alien symbiote suit that Peter Parker brought home from space and eventually found it’s own host after a falling out with Peter (because it ...


Title for Venom Spin-Off Movie Revealed: Venom Carnage

A recent report has finally revealed the title for Sony’s Venom movie: Venom Carnage. While there’s little to nothing in the way of details yet, the title does hint at a few things. First is the possibility of Cletus Kasady – the psychopath serving as the host for the red symbiote that spawned from Spidey/Venom’s black costume – being part of the film itself. Second, if ...


Spider-Man Makes His Way to Disney Infinity

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will be joining The Avengers and a ton of Disney’s popular characters in the hit multiplatform action/toy collection game Disney Infinity, via the new Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man playset. The new playset is scheduled to launch this fall and will include Spidey himself, Nick Fury, Iron Fist, Nova, and Venom as playable characters. Disney Interactive has ...


Sony Confirms Spider-Man Spin-Offs

With comic book movies proving to be the current hot property in Hollywood, it’s not surprising that Sony would want to hold on to the Spider-Man license, and even less unsurprising that they would want to expand the franchise further with a series of spin-offs. The spin-offs were previously just unconfirmed rumors, but recently the studio has announced plans for a Venom and Sinister Six ...

Sony Co-Chair Hints at Future Spin-Off Films for Spider-Man

Sony Co-Chair Hints at Future Spin-Off Films for Spider-Man

With comic book movie adaptations being the flavor of the month (or decade, considering how long it’s been going on), it’s no surprise that Sony already has two sequels to The Amazing Spider-Man in the pipeline. After all, they probably learned their lesson from Fox’s mistake of letting several of their licenses to Marvel properties lapse. However, what’s interesting is ...

Don't forget to watch Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel, tonight at 8 PM ET on Disney Channel. This episode will also be availble on Disney XD, on August 25.

Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel Debuts Tonight on Disney Channel

Phineas And Ferb: Mission Marvel is a special 1-hour episode which airs tonight (Friday, August 16), at 8 PM ET on Disney Channel. This is the first crossover between the Phineas and Ferb characters and the Marvel Superheroes. If you want to know why Captain America is missing, and Spiderman is on the team, it all has to do with Phineas and Ferb creators Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh playing ...

The Ultimate Weapon is M.A.S.K. The Complete Original Series

The Ultimate Weapon is M.A.S.K. The Complete Original Series

That’s right, it’s a flying car. As far as I’m concerned, this shouldn’t be an animation at this point – it’s 2011, where’s my real-life flying car! At least I know the folks behind M.A.S.K. understood where I’m coming from! Thankfully, the folks at Hasbro and Shout! Factory do, as well, as they’ve teamed together to release M.A.S.K. The ...

M.A.S.K. The Complete Original Series on DVD August 9th

M.A.S.K. The Complete Original Series on DVD August 9th

On August 9th, Shout! Factory pushes the notion that Illusion is the Ultimate Weapon, a tagline that can only mean one thing: M.A.S.K.! Shout! Factory is working together with Fremantlemedia Enterprises to bring the 1980s series home to DVD in a box set collection they’re appropriately calling M.A.S.K. The Complete Original Series. All 65 episodes are collected across 12 DVDs in a ...

Ultimate Spider-Man spins a web for Marvel

Ultimate Spider-Man spins a web for Marvel

What happens you bring Marvel Comics together with the Man of Action team? That is, the folks behind the Wolverine, Iron Man, Ben 10, Generator Rex, and Ultimate Alien? Spidey Sense tingling!! That’s right, the result is the upcoming Ultimate Spider-man cartoon, bringing the Disney superhero to Disney XD later next year. Just as Marvel readies the relaunch of Peter Parker on the big ...

MASK The Complete Original Series: Illusion is the Ultimate Weapon

MASK The Complete Original Series: Illusion is the Ultimate Weapon

On August 9th, get ready to get Masked – no Halloween necessary. That Tuesday, Shout! Factory and FremantleMedia Enterprises will bring every episode of the M.A.S.K. animated series from the mid 1980s to DVD, in a gigando package dubbed MASK The Complete Original Series. Spanning a whopping 12 DVDs, the box set collects every adventure for the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, as well as a ...

M.A.S.K. the Animated series comes to DVD

M.A.S.K. the Animated series comes to DVD

If you wanted a cool toon with M.A.S.K., you got one. If you wanted a power ballad to open it up, you got one. The Mobile Armored Strike Kommand was an elite task force that ran through 1980s animated television with the likes of G.I. Joe and the Transformers. Better known as M.A.S.K., the group featured a number of specialized warriors led by Matt Trakker, who each possessed a vehicle that ...

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