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Masha and the Bear Episode Surpasses 8 Million Views on Youtube

We here at Toonbarn are big fans of the Russian CG animated short series Masha and the Bear, to the point were we have dedicated a section of the site to its videos. so we’re not really surprised that the hit series has now surpassed 1.8 billion views on Youtube (that’s not even accounting for the views on unofficial uploads from other users.) But it is a news good enough to share for a ...


WATCH: Masha’s Spooky Stories – Soul Freezing Tale of Grim Forest and Tiny Timid Bug

Just like all the children in the world, Masha is afraid of the dark and she had keep a flashlight with her all night long. However, somebody told her a fairy tale about a tiny bug that is also afraid of the dark, which helped her deal with her fear. The tiny bug lives in the woods, which turns really dark as night falls. One night, while sitting with fear in the midst of the forest, the bug sees ...


Masha and the Bear – Gone Fishing! (Episode 8)

In the 8th episode of Masha and the Bear, titled ‘Gone Fishing!’, the Bear decides to go fishing, with Masha tagging along as per usual. Masha’s playfulness and innate curiosity unsurprisingly causes problems for the Bear, with his fishing constantly being interrupted by the tot. So the Bear decides to give Masha her own fishing rod and keep her busy that way. With the Bear’s luck still ...


WATCH: Masha’s Spooky Stories – Terrifying True Story About Monsters and Those Who Fear Them

Did you know that there’s a horror-themed spin-off of the Masha and the Bear franchise? It’s called Masha’s Spooky Stories and it’s a bit of a departure from the usual Masha and the Bear format. For starters, the CG animated scenes are limited to the framing sequence. The actual story in the episode is 2D animated. The episode “Terrifying True Story About Monsters and Those Who Fear ...


WATCH: Masha and the Bear – How They Met (Episode 1)

The first episode of the extremely popular Masha and the Bear series of CG animated shorts can be watched completely free online. Titled “How They Met,” it literally tells the story of how the rambunctious little tot met the large, pacificist bear. In How They Met, Masha wanders into the forest and comes across Bear’s cozy-looking house while Bear himself is out on a fishing trip. When ...


Watch: Masha and the Bear – Springtime for Bear (Episode 7)

In Springtime for Bear, we get to see how Masha’s presence in Bear’s life can be a hindrance when it comes time for Bear to find a mate. We also get to see the fact that it’s not so bad at all, and in fact all for the better as it looks like Bear is having so much more fun playing and taking care of Masha than he would if he were stuck in a romantic relationship. Follow Masha on Instagram: ...


WATCH: Masha and the Bear – Jam Day (Episode 6)

In Jam Day, the Bear decides to harvest berries and cook jam. Since Masha is fond of jam, she does everything in her power in order to come up with a bunch of new flavors just to make the Bear’s dinner unforgettable. Follow Masha on Instagram: Official website: ...


WATCH: Masha and the Bear – Prances with Wolves (Episode 5)

In this episode, The Wolves decide to abduct Masha and demand that the Bear pay a ransom. What they didn’t expect is that the Bear is actually pleased with Masha’s absence, so he takes his sweet time before paying. On the other hand, the wolves find out why the Bear is glad that Masha is gone, as the kid turns their lives upside down and cause so much chaos that the wolves ended up paying ...


WATCH: Masha and the Bear – Don’t Wake Till Spring (Episode 2)

In the 2nd episode of Masha and the Bear, the eponymous little tot is exploring the forest and meeting/annoying various forest creatures while the Bear is getting ready to hibernate for the winter, but he is deathly afraid of several things: rats eating his supplies, a hunter coming in while he’s asleep, and Masha going in and making a mess of his house. So he keeps his supplies locked tight, ...

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