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Preview for Pokemon XY & Z Team Rocket Character Song Released

One of the landmarks of the Pokemon XY & Z anime is that it will come with a series of six character songs, which so far includes the opening theme ‘XY&Z’ by Satoshi (Rica Matsumoto) and ending theme ‘Puni-chan’s Song’ by Bonnie/Eureka (Mariya Ise). The latest that has been revealed is the official theme song for the franchise’s long running antagonists, Team Rocket, which ...


Pokemon Machoke Movers PV Released

Fans of Pokemon’s Machop family were the main target demographic for the Kairiky Gym website, which is a mock information repository for all things Machop – featuring in depth discussion on their special powers, working abilities, and even some anecdotes that you won’t find on your Pokedex. The site has just received a new update, containing a glut of new content that Machop-obsessed ...

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