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Ben 10: What Happened to Ultimos?

Ben 10: What Happened to Ultimos?

While people are still bothered about Ben 10: Omniverse’s departure from the look and “feel” of the Ben 10 shows that we have come to know and love, I’m bothered about another thing – what became of Ultimos? Ultimos is one of my favorite characters from the series, probably due to the fact that he’s basically Superman. Super strength, check. Can fly, check. ...

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Ultimate Ending DVD

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Ultimate Ending DVD

Judging by the comments posted at Toonbarn Rob’s recent entry about Ben 10: Omniverse’s art style, a lot of fans (former?) prefer the past iterations of the franchise over the upcoming one. With that in mind, Cartoon Network is giving all of us a chance to relive the [better-looking] Ultimate Alien series with a new special 2 disc, 10 episode DVD combo package: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: ...

More info on Cartoon Network's Punch Time Explosion for Nintendo 3DS

More info on Cartoon Network’s Punch Time Explosion for Nintendo 3DS

A few weeks back, ToonBarn teased the story of Cartoon Network’s upcoming fighting game Punch Time Explosion, that followed in the footsteps of TMNT Fighters and Super Smash Bros. by pitting 18 CN’s characters against one another. (Coincidentally, just days ago, ToonBarn broke with the story about Nickelodeon’s Super Brawl 2 — these toons must all hate each other!!). ...

Ben 10: Alien Force volume 7 DVD

Ben 10: Alien Force volume 7 DVD

Cartoon Network and Warner Home Video are working together to bring us the 7th DVD of the Ben 10 series Ben 10: Alien Force. On June 29th, the pair will release a single disc with the first 5 episodes of the show’s third season, plus 2 bonus episodes. It’s hero time again for Ben as he saves the Earth from Vilgax’s powers and ultimately saves Vilgax from himself. This season, ...


Ben 10: Alien Force: Vengeance of Vilgax

September means many things, at least for us in the Northern half of the world; the days get shorter, the air gets a little cooler, back to …ugh… school … but it also means one very good thing — the toons are returning! For Ben 10 fans, tonight is the big night where, finally, the long wait is over. Cartoon Network will premiere the first episode of the third season of ...

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