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Voltron Force: Roots of Evil Review

Voltron Force: Roots of Evil

Voltron Force: Roots of Evil took the Voltron Force in a totally new direction. We really didn’t think there was going to be a change in the dynamics between the Voltron Force Pilots and the Cadets in Season 1. In this episode, Larmina proves her worth, time and time again, until she ultimately makes the move no Cadet has made to this point. She replaces her Aunt Allura as the Voltron Force Pilot for the Blue Lion. We would have expected a little more from a ceremonial perspective, though. Considering something like this doesn’t happen very often, we were expecting a lot more gallantry and hullabaloo. There was no more pomp and circumstance than a brownie becoming a girl scout. One thing that did make it special was that it concluded the episode.

Voltron Force: Crossed Signals Review

Crossed Signals: Ghostly Ship sends out distress signal to Voltron Force

Voltron Force faces a mystery in the latest episode, “Crossed Signals”. By answering a distress signal from a ship that has been missing for 100 years, they learn some things about Keith’s past that could be a real game changer for the Voltron Force. This new information seems to make Allura see Keith in a whole new light. From the bad guys side, we find some things out about Haggarium that we didn’t know before. Maahox and Lotor are able to use Haggarium in ways that would surely become a problem for Voltron, when you imagine the possibilities. With this ability, they could make trouble for Voltron in several different corners of the galaxy, all at the same time.

Voltron Force: I, Voltron Review

Voltron Force: I, Voltron Review

“I, Voltron” reminds us of a collection of short stories written by Isaac Asimov and published in 1950, entitled “I, Robot”. Isaac Asimov’s collection of 9 stories share a theme around the interaction of humans, robots and morality. Asimov had originally wanted his collection to be called, “Mind and Iron”, but the publisher wanted the “I, Robot” title. Thoughts about whether robots could ever behave like humans, or even think like humans, and whether they really should, have plagued the minds of science fiction writers for many years.

In this Voltron Force episode, we find out what would happen if the brain of a human was used to control Voltron, who is himself, a collection of 5 robots brought together to form 1 giant robot. Daniel goes through an experience that helps him to learn about the true nature of Voltron, and his relationship with the Voltron Force. We had seen previously, in “Clash of the Lions”, what happened when Sky Marshall Wade became Voltron, through the use of a Corite bullet shot into Voltron’s Nexus. In that episode, the Voltron pilots were rejected from the Lions, and Wade was able to control Voltron, only until Vince was able to combine the powers of all the Voltron Pilots to remove the Corite infection.

Voltron Force: Dradin, Baby, Dradin Review

Dradin, Baby, Dradin

Remember last week how we said 5 was a magic number for Voltron? This week, the 5 “C”‘s play a big part in the episode, “Dradin, Baby, Dradin”. The 5 “C”‘s are Color, Cameo, Campy, Conflict and Convention. “Dradin, Baby, Dradin” had to be the most Colorful episode of all the Voltron Force episodes. Just like the Casinos in Las Vegas, the endless array of lights and color that are on display in Manset’s LeisureDrome Resort on Dradin are truly a spectacle for the eyes. Once I was able to see it on iTunes in Full HD, I was blown away by the amount of color that saturated this episode. There was one explosion of a tank that was particularly well done to the point that it looked almost real.

Voltron Force: Five Forged Review

Voltron Force: Five Forged

When it comes to Voltron, 5 is a magic number. 5 Pilots in 5 Lions come together to form the mighty Defender of the Universe. As we find out from watching “Five Forged”, there are 5 Planets that each contributed to the creation of Voltron. Pidge’s Planet, Balto, provided the technical designs for the big guy, forming 5 Lions into 1 giant robot. Ariel was where Voltron was forged, and some of the main elements of Voltron are found within the mines of Ariel. Arus is where the Lions call home, and is where Voltron developed its strong sense of Unity. Earth provided the human element, whereas Voltron would not need pilots without it. There are still questions that need to be answered about the 5th Planet. As it turns out, the Voltron Force has to pass through 5 Trials, each coming from a different Planet involved in the creation of Voltron, to prove they are worthy to find what they seek (fixing the injured Black Lion).

Harry Debuts on ToonBarn reviewing Voltron Force: Gary

ToonBarn Harry

Here at ToonBarn, we hope you are delighted to meet our newest sensation, a cartoon character named Harry. Harry will be popping in from time to time to talk about stories relating to cartoons and animation, or he may review an episode of a TV show, or a full-length animated feature film. Harry won’t take the place of the text that comes with a story. That will always be there. More so, he will be an additional way to view and hear about these stories that ToonBarn provides. In this first video, Harry will introduce himself, and then take you on a ride through the latest Voltron Force episode, “Gary”. Below the video, you will see that we have included the review of the episode, complete with screenshots, in case you would like to read about it. So, buckle up. Here we go!

Voltron Force: Ghost in the Lion Review

Original Voltron Force Forms Voltron

Sven Lives! That was the Twitter hashtag (#SvenLives) that was trending on Sunday Night at 9 PM on Nov. 27, after watching a full day marathon of Voltron Force, from Episode 1 to Episode 16. Our new episode, (Voltron Force: Episode 17: Ghost in the Lion), features the return of Sven, the Original Pilot of Blue Lion in the Original Voltron: Defender of the Universe series from 1984. This episode had to be carefully played out to enable those people who thought Sven had died (or was somehow in a state that he could never return), in the Original Series, to have a back-story that works in this series. This episode didn’t answer all the questions you might have had about Sven, probably for good reason, and it does add a few new questions as well. There are no side-story plotlines in this episode, as the attention is all given to Sven. However, Daniel does learn a good lesson about the use and care for his Voltcom. Vince and Larmina are sorely missed for most of the episode, as the team could have really benefited from their expertise.

Download Voltron Defender of the Universe on PSN and XBLA

Download Voltron Defender of the Universe on PSN and XBLA

When there’s a whole universe to defend, you’d better be a pretty big robot. Or, better yet, be a pretty big robot comprised of 5 pretty big lion robots. Think we’re joking around? Just ask Voltron, the start of the 1980s Classic Media cartoon as well as the recently relaunched series on Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons, Voltron Force. As if running two amazingly popular cartoons in two amazingly diverse decades wasn’t enough, now Voltron is headed to Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade as a downloadable title. On November 29th, join the intergalactic battle in the new Voltron Defender of the Universe video game – that is, if you’re up to the challenge!

Voltron Force: Brains Review

King Lotor in Samurai Armor on Balto

If the Zombie Apocalypse is going to occur in our lifetimes, it may as well be started with a Haggarium infestation in the most technological area of the Galaxy. Planet Balto is the focus of this Voltron Force episode (Voltron Force: Episode 16: Brains). Balto is Pidge’s home Planet, and his brother Chip still lives there. So do a ton of other Ninja Scientists. That’s right. They’re Scientists, who also happen to be Ninjas. And, in case you were thinking that’s as weird as it gets, hold on to your… brains.

Voltron Force: Rogue Trip Review

Voltron Force: Rogue Trip Review

The name, Dudley, and his grating, retainer-lisped voice, will forever be emblazened in our minds. It’s not that there is anything wrong with that name, per se, but there hasn’t been too many Dudley cartoon characters that have ever been really cool. For instance, there was Dudley Do-Right, a bumbling, clumsy, Canadian Mountie, who always meant well, but never really seemed to be the confident hero. He didn’t exactly start a craze for new parents to put that name at the top of the baby name list. Neither will this Dudley. In the latest Voltron Force episode, (Voltron Force: Episode 15: Rogue Trip), Dudley is an ultra-obsessed fan of the Classic Voltron, who meets the Cadets, and wants to show them why he is Voltron’s biggest fan. Only, his intentions get lost in the translation, as he ends up biting off more than he can chew.

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