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First video of Heroes United: Ben 10 meets Generator Rex

First video of Heroes United: Ben 10 meets Generator Rex

We’re past teasers. We’re past trailers. With just a little more than one week before the official unveiling of the Cartoon Network one hour special, Heroes United, we’re now up to showing full clips! With Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex meeting for the very first time, the Man of Action made super heroes are bringing their A-Game to the crossover, teaming up and ...

Ben 10 versus Generator Rex, who will win?

Ben 10 vs Generator Rex, who will win?

Friday. November 25th. 7pm. Cartoon Network. Four quick phrases that mean big business: the day after Thanksgiving here in the U.S.! … well, ok, sure, there’s some gobble gobble, but that’s not the MOST important part. It’s also Black Friday, the biggest shopping sale … of… the… OK OK, seriously, let’s get to the real deal: Ben 10 / Generator ...


Nickelodeon pits Planet Sheen vs. Jimmy Neutron

Everyone who watches Jimmy Neutron and Planet Sheen are watching because of the nutty adventures the main characters get themselves into. But I’m here to talk about which show is more brilliant.  We have Jimmy Neutron the boy genius and Sheen the boy genius’ peanut-brained friend. Everyone has to admit that Jimmy Neutron’s show would be less fun to watch if Carl and Sheen ...

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