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Berbils meet the ThunderCats on Cartoon Network

Berbils meet the ThunderCats tonight on Cartoon Network

It’s an awkward meeting at first: the ThunderCats have temporarily lost control of the ThunderTank, and while doing repairs and scouting for food, they encounter an amazing (both in cuteness and in curiousity) group of tiny robot bears known as the Berbils. After helping the Cats repair the ThunderTank, Robear Bill and the rest of the Berbils seek the help of Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara and the rest – hoping the ThunderCats can save them from a creep who uses the cuddly robots for construction slave labor. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it doesn’t look like it will be an easy task, and the full team needs to assemble to get the job done. How’s it turn out? TOON in to Cartoon Network October 28th, at 8:30pm for the presentation of ThunderCats: Berbils.

Thundercats Brings Back the Robear Berbils

Thundercats Brings Back the Robear Berbils

When the modern version of Thundercats was first shown to viewers, a couple of questions seem to have bubbled to the surface; namely, Where’s Lion-O’s annoying sidekick, Snarf? And how are they gonna handle the Robot Teddy Bears? The latter was answered this week with the release of a clip from the episode “Berbils”, which will air on Cartoon Network this Friday, October 28th.

Robear Bill and the Berbils invade Panthro’s ThunderTank

Robear Bill and the Berbils invade Panthro's ThunderTank

With Halloween fast approaching, there’s not much time left to piece together your own Halloween costume. But, hey, maybe you could be a 7 foot tall mutant cat person? Or, better yet, a Bear? …that is also a robot? Robot bears might not be all that popular for trick’or’treaters, but they’re deeply set in the legends of the ThunderCats franchise as the Berbils! On the October 28th episode of the ThunderCats, the Berbils return, ready to interact with the ThunderCats – especially the machine-loving Panthro and his ThunderTank! So do the cute little guys help out, or does Panthro just end up eating them? Be sure to TOON in to Cartoon Network at 8:30pm this Friday for ThunderCats: Berbils and find out!

Where’s Wally (aka Where’s Waldo) all set for a Classic Media comeback

'Where's Wally?' All Set for a Comeback

It’s been asked since 1991, when its cartoon adaptation first aired, but we may finally have the answer to “Where’s Wally?” and the answer is: all over the world, now that Classic Media has licensed the property in Australia, Japan, and Western Europe. This is in addition to the recent agreements across the United Kingdom. Where’s Wally?, which is published in Canada and the US as Where’s Waldo?, follows the adventures of Wally and his pet dog Woof as they travel all over the world, helping solve mysteries and lending a helping hand wherever they could. With the help of a magic walking stick, Wally can travel through space and time, but must also fend off attempts by the evil Wally look-alike named Odlaw (Waldo spelled backwards, see what they did there?) to steal the magic stick.

Fanimation: From Pixar to Richard Sargent robots asking where’s Wall-E

Fanimation: From Pixar to Richard Sargent robots asking where's Wall-E

Throughout the history of Hollywood, there’s been an incredible collection of robots. C-3PO and R2-D2 from Star Wars, Bender from Futurama, Rosie from the Jetsons, countless Tarnsformers and Go-Bots, etc. Hopewell Studio’s Richard Sargent, through a process that must have seemed bionic, actually sat down to draw a collage of nearly 200 bots, posing together in a classic group shot, and hiding one of animation’s favorite bots: Wall-E from the recent Disney and Pixar film. It’s a Where’s Wall-E game, just like the classic Where’s Waldo ones. Sure, it’s awesome to hunt for the little guy, but even more enjoyable just going through the entire project, looking for all the other robots you remember. In fact, there’s even a blank version so that you can number your guesses to see how many you can name. Give it a try!

Toy Story, Cars, Ratatouille, Up, and Wall-E get Stamped

Toy Story, Cars, Ratatouille, Up, and Wall-E get Stamped

How much does a stamp go for nowadays? Is it still a quarter? Wait, what, 44 cents?! Geez. I guess with email being so common, we’re not writing too many regular letters. However, the latest effort from the United States Postal Service might get us to start writing snail mail letters more and more, as long as we can use those sweet new Pixar stamps! Together with Disney, the USPS is rolling out a line of commemorative stamps via the Send a Hello program. It will include a number star characters in Pixar films, including characters from Cars, Ratatouille, Toy Story, Up, and Wall*E. The Disney crew joins other arts and entertainment stars, like Mark Twain, Gregory Peck, Helen Hayes, Selena, Carlos Gardel, Carmen Miranda, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Owney, and Romare Bearden.

Disney’s Day & Night short before Pixar’s Toy Story 3

Disney's Day & Night short before Pixar's Toy Story 3

Pixar is not only world famous for it’s amazing CG feature length films, they’re also well regarded for their powerful animated shorts; brief, several-minute toons that can stand on their own at festivals, or, more recently, quick specials that appear before the longer movies. Through the Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Up, and Wall-E, we’ve seen shorts like Presto, For the Birds, Geri’s Game, and more. Disney’s Toy Story 3 debuted a few weeks ago with a brand new short running just before it; Day & Night. The animation features two characters, Day and Night, that act out what their names refer to. For example, Day has a bright sun within him, where as Night has a cool moon. Day is a rainbow; Night is fireworks. Make sense? …not so much? Well check out this “making of” clip, then go see it in theaters with Toy Story!

Waking Sleeping Beauty

Waking Sleeping Beauty

The history of beautiful animated films is no perfect fairytale. Sure, now we have Finding Nemo, Coraline, Kung Fu Panda, and The Princess and the Frog. And yeah, it all stems from the rich heritage of golden age classics, like early Mickey Mouse reels, Snow White, Looney Tunes, and Sleeping Beauty. But the late 1970s brought a “dark age,” when animation studios were shut down, artists fired, projects canceled, and the medium itself was thought to be dead. That’s where the documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty steps in, telling the true story of how animation, and the love for the art, was brought back to life by a group including Roy Disney (of Disney family fame), John Lasseter (Pixar, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Up, Wall-E, etc.) Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman, Alice in Wonderland, etc.), and Don Bluth (An American Tail, The Land Before Time, The Secret of NIMH, etc.) and dozens of others. Together, they brought us the Disney Renaissance, revived the entire industry with new classics like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King. On March 26th, in select theaters, you’ll get to see the story for yourself. But for now, check out the trailer!

Pixar Short Films

Pixar Short Films

On December 2nd, at 7pm, ABC Family will be hosting Walt Disney Pictures Presents Pixar Short Films, a full, 2-hour special that features 20 (20!) short animations created by the animation powerhouse. This is not going to be a marathon of Toy Story, Up, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, and others; rather, this will be a showcase of many of the brief mini-movies that aired before those films in theaters, as well as a collection of animations never seen in movie houses. The set list includes: Geri’s Game, For the Birds, Tin Toy, Luxo Jr., Mike’s New Car, One Man Band, Lifted and Presto. Check out a little gallery of images from the shorts, after the break!

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