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Warner Bros. Reveal Dates for Two New LEGO Movies

Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s The LEGO Movie made big waves at the box office earlier this year, thanks to a refreshing take on a popular toy brand, the inclusion of iconic DC characters, and a genuinely hilarious and affecting story. Now, Warner Bros. is preparing to do it all over again as they have just announced two new additional films set in the same LEGO-inspired universe.

New Images for the Dark Knight Returns, Part 2

Two new images from Warner Brothers’ The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 have been released online, coinciding with the announcement that the animated movie will have screenings in two different high profile locations.

The first image is a close up of the Bat’s mug, there’s nothing really noteworthy about it except that it seems to show hints of the Batman’s age, what with the mask not being able to hide his gaunt appearance. The second image is of the Joker, holding a clown mask. Joker, for his part, also looks a little bit aged. Note that The Dark Knight Returns is set in a future in which an old, retired Bruce Wayne is forced into donning the cape and cowl again after the return of the Joker.



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